Bret Hart Signing Leaves WWE Universe with a Lot of Questions

JVCXVCorrespondent IDecember 17, 2009

As news of Bret Hart’s return spreads across the net like fleas on a dog, I find myself with some questions in regards to this whole situation.

Let me first say that this is a signing I didn’t think was actually going to happen, although I guess if Sheamus can be booked to go over on John Cena for the WWE title than anything is possible. 

Now (according to Dave Meltzer) that it has indeed happened it leaves me (and I assume wrestling fans everywhere) with some questions and some possible storyline scenarios.


Question No. 1:  Why has Bret decided to do this?

I ask this question because I think we all know why the WWE is doing this. They need ratings and they need them bad, especially with TNA having a three-hour special on Spike TV next month to compete with Raw. Let's face it whether you’re a fan of the Hitman or not, Bret Hart’s return will equal ratings.

But back to my original question, why has Bret decided to rejoin WWE? I mean I know that Vince and Bret’s relationship has slowly improved since '97, but it still sounded like there was some bad blood between the WWE and Bret.

Last month on a radio interview in Australia, Bret still made mention of Montreal and how the WWE have (still to this day) tried to justify the events that occurred on the now infamous night. Bret also mentioned in the interview that any talks he and WWE have had never involved him coming back as an on air character.

So what has changed? The only thing I can come up with is this. My belief is that Bret and the WWE’s relationship is probably at the point where it is the best it will ever be (excuse the pun). If that is indeed the case, now is as good a time as any to come back. 

Bret must feel he is at a point in his life where he is healthy enough to give a performance his fans will be proud of. One thing I noticed in the interview he did last month, was express his appreciation for all his fans and how he enjoys giving back to them. Let's face it, a WWE comeback is something all his fans have wanted to see for a while. 

Another thing he expressed in the interview is how his book gave him some closure and how with everything that has happened in his life you can’t stay mad forever. It is my belief that I think Bret is looking at this as his opportunity to write his own ending to his storied wrestling career.

Question No. 2: How will Bret be used in WWE?

This is a question that is on everyone’s mind and will be answered with intrigue.  Obviously everyone would like to see him wrestle at least one more time (myself included) and while I will agree anything is possible, I think it is highly unlikely.

One reason is his health. If wrestling is not going to put Bret in any danger, then I am all for an in ring return. However if he could risk permanent damage, then it’s not worth him risking his health for one more match. I think wrestling has had enough tragedies; I don’t want to see another one. 

The other major reason you probably wont see an in ring return is a Lloyds of London insurance policy that after some litigation in court paid Bret over a million dollars due to his career ending injury in WCW. 

Now if it is just a matter of money Vince would probably cover the financial payoff.  If however, there are any other legal ramifications for Bret, then I doubt an in ring return is going to happen.

Here are some scenarios that are currently being kicked around.


Option No. 1: RAW scraps the guest host and Bret becomes GM.

While this seems possible I don’t think it will happen. I do see Bret as the guest host on Jan 4th because of the “one day night war” they will have with TNA. I think they are still in love with the guest host concept and I don’t see them scraping it.


Option No. 2: Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H with Bret as special guest referee .

This would be interesting on many levels, and would probably have a great build up story line. However, considering the relationship Bret has had with these two, I can’t see Bret coming back to ref a match between two people he doesn’t really care for.


Option No. 3: Bret and Vince have a rivalry that leads us to WrestleMania.

So far this seems the most likely with a few different scenarios. One being a Donald Trump vs. Vince McMahon style match up where Vince and Bret would pick a wrestler to represent them in the ring. The buzz right now is that DX would break up and Triple H would represent Vince and Shawn would represent Bret.

I don’t see this happening for the reason that I don’t think Bret and Shawn have patched up things to the point where Bret would go for this. I think a more likely scenario might be a tag team bout with DX against The Hart Dynasty.

These are just a few of the possible stories that have been floated out there with more to develop in the coming weeks. I personally hope that whatever the storyline, it ends up being believable and that it finally gives Bret and his fans a proper end to his storied wrestling career.