Mariusz Pudzianowski Vs Aleksander Emelianenko Rumored-Epic Matchup

Alex WassermanContributor IDecember 17, 2009

The brother of the Last Emperor may get to prove that brain trumps over brawn or technique over power. Aleksander may fight 5-time worlds strongest man. This fight will NOT end in a decision and will be finished by KO. M-1 is talking with KSW for co-promotion and since Super Mario is already a star in many eyes they will be smart to co-promote and get even more eyes on this genetic freak. This will prove huge things for both fighters. It will prove if Mario actually has technique and if he can stand toe to toe with a agrueably top ten heavyweight who trains with the worlds best everyday.

 Mariusz will have to find a way to use his strength to his advantage and maybe a good idea would be if he just threw him to the ground and threw boulder fists at him. Mario will also have to keep his chin protected at all times(in his debut he stuck his chin out while throwing kicks) because Alek will be fast to captilize on that mistake and with his fast hands will put at least 5 shots in before Mario can throw one. Another good plan is to wind up with power shots but still threaten a takedown, Dan Henderson style.

Aleksanders stragety should be not to underestimate Mariusz and keep his distance. He should slowly pick him apart and be ready to attack Mario's beginner mistakes. He should also probably start rolling and sparring with big strong dudes so he gets used to the feeling.

My pick is Aleksander by KO in 2 round. But even by losing Mariusz can prove himself to the rest of the MMA community.

Dont count Mario out though and dont rule out an upset and a real talented star breaking out. Good Luck to both fighters.

Whats your pick and Thanks for the read.