The NHL's Top 10 Most Prolific Passers

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The NHL's Top 10 Most Prolific Passers

Some players just have it. The right combination of skill, hands, and talent that make them the most lethal passers in the NHL.

It's the players who show that calm confidence with the puck as they envision the play on the ice before it happens. Their ability to read and react at just the right time means they are extremely dangerous on the ice.

An incredible pass can happen at any time and the players who show the uncanny skill can take you from "there's no way he can make that play" to "I can't believe that just happened" in mere seconds.

They know where you'll be on the ice before you do.

They see the pass, then make the pass. Always in that order.

Its players like these who make you think twice about your career choice. A player of this passing-caliber can prove that there is one thing better than being respected.

Being feared.

These are the guys that the opposition has relentless focus on throughout a game, and when they have possession of the puck, all eyes are on them. Six guys on the ice, 16 guys on the bench, the coach, the GM, the fans, heck even the beer guy takes a breath and gazes at the potential work of art in progress.

They command attention, and just when they have every single eyeball cautiously focused on them, that's when they go to work. One flick of the wrist, one perfect saucer up the ice, or one pass across the crease that happens so fast it feels like slow motion.

And then its all over.

This skill is not taught. There are no "learn how to pass like a pro" courses that make you as good as these guys. It is a God-given talent, a mixture of hand-eye coordination and flair for the dramatic that makes juggling chainsaws look like a joke compared to their wizardry with a puck.

They are the players who make everyone around them better—scratch that—they force everyone to be better around them. There is no choice. You're either ready for the pass at any time, or you're made to look like a fool when the puck ricochets off your stick into the corner, as you stand in front of the wide open net wondering how on earth that puck got to you.

It's these guys that make the highlight reel goals happen. It's these guys that make you question whether their really is such thing as a sixth-sense.

It's these guys that are the purest passers in the NHL.

And like legendary Sports Illustrated writer, Peter King, once said, "I don't expect you to agree, I expect you to argue."

Argue away, people.

Here are the top 10 most prolific passers currently in the game.

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