2009 NCAA Division I 16-Team College Football Playoff Pairings

Jon SarverCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2009

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL - DECEMBER 10: (L to R) Heisman Trophy finalists Toby Gerhart of Stanford, Tim Tebow of Florida, Mark Ingram of Alabama, Colt McCoy and Ndamukong Suh of Nebraska pose after the Home Depot ESPNU College Football Awards at the Disney Boardwalk on December 10, 2009 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
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What Would be the 2009 NCAA Football First Round Pairings IF THERE WERE A PLAYOFF!

Since there are no many great ideas out there we decided to take it a little further and flesh it out. We haven't been with Bleacher Report forever, so if we missed yours, we apologize!  Our desire is to see a playoff  but we don't believe it will happen unless there is a nation-wide protest which will start as soon as the bowl games do!  See our brackets for a first round look and description about the pairings.

Let's Get to the GridIron Gauntlet Committees Pairings.......

The committee believes the final BCS pole was fairly accurate with one slight change which would fit our exclusive "injustice criteria."   This criteria puts Florida ahead  of Cincinnati and TCU based on "strength of loss" to Alabama. However, because of the location of the Cotton Bowl site to TCU, we feel this round has been fairly bracketed for all the teams.

First Round Pairings

All first round games are played at the top four teams home sites regardless of how many teams from the same conference might be included.  In this case we have rewarded two SEC teams for great regular seasons.  The remaining four games will be held in traditional non BCS bowl sites for the first four years with an opportunity for other non BCS bowl sites to bid after the initial four years.  it is important to note that the teams are required to arrive at these sites the traditional 36 hours before the game(See GridIron Gauntlet Explained for more detail).

Sugar Bowl Bracket

No. 1 Alabama Vs. No. 16 West Virginia - We give Alabama a home game against West Virginia which keeps this an all East Coast match up.  The winner advances to the Sugar Bowl and would spend the traditional week at the Sugar Bowl site leading up to the game.

No. 8 Ohio State Vs. No. 9 Georgia Tech - This game is played in Orlando at the Capital One Bowl Site, but is not the actual bowl.  The teams would both come in the standard 36 hours before the game.  The game would be market as an additional game to the traditional Capital One Bowl.  Both teams get to travel to Florida primarily because they are middle pack teams and middle pack teams travel in the Gridiron Gauntlet.

Fiesta Bowl Bracket

No. 5 TCU Vs. No. 12 LSU - This game is played at the traditional Cotton Bowl site and does reward TCU for a fine season.  The pairing acknowledges that the TCU schedule was easier then Florida's, thus the higher rating for one loss Florida who lost only to No. 1 Alabama.  We did want to keep TCU as close to home as possible, so in reality this is really a home game for the Horned Frogs.

No. 4 Cincinnati Vs. No. 13 Penn State - This game rewards the Bear Cats with a home game Vs. number two Big 10 Penn State.  This game could set up a classic match up of No. 4 Cincinnati Vs. No. 5 TCU in a Fiesta Bowl that pits undefeated teams that really mean  something.  On the other hand, should either Penn State or LSU advance it would support the stronger conference over the weaker conference argument.

Rose Bowl Bracket

No. 2 Texas Vs. No. 15 Miami (FL) - This game rewards Texas for a great season and requires Miami to travel several time zones.  The winner goes to Texas' home away from home lately the Rose Bowl.  We are disappointed we cannot keep the traditional Big 10 Vs. Pac 10 match up at the Rose Bowl because the Big 10 Champion Ohio State was rated too high to play Texas in the first round setting up that possible round two match up with Pac 10 king Oregon.

No. 7 Oregon Vs. No. 10 Iowa - This is as close as we can get the Pac 10 Vs. Big 10 Rose Bowl match up even if it is in San Diego at the traditional Holiday Bowl site.  One thing we do guarantee is that either a Big 10 or Pac 10 will advance to the Rose Bowl and the traditionalists are happy about that!

Orange Bowl Bracket

No. 6 Boise State Vs. No. 11 Virginia Tech - This game is played in San Antonio at the traditional Alamo Bowl site.  The GridIron Gauntlet Committee acknowledges this is a distance match up for both teams but believes the local interest in a meaningful game would fill up the stadium.  Besides, do you think Boise State would rather be in the GridIron Gauntlet or hosed out of another chance for a legitimate national championship?

No. 3 Florida Vs. No. 14 BYU - This was a tough one but we felt  Florida deserved a high ranking regardless of their loss to now No. 1 Alabama.  They are the Defending National Champion with a great resume' and in this case No. 5 TCU was not hurt in their pairing or their possible major bowl game at the Fiesta in Arizona.  The Gators deserve a chance to avenge their loss to loss to Alabama down the line.  But, there is a long way to go before we get to that!

Let us know what you think.  Be part of the nationwide protest and change the BCS now!