Ahmad Bradshaw, Get Your Act Together

Michael SamuelSenior Analyst IJune 19, 2008

Oh no!  Ahamad Bradshaw, my favorite player in the NFL—as of week 16 against the Bills, when he had an electric game in the stormy weather in Ralph Wilson Stadium—is in trouble with the law.  

These types of issues were the reason that he fell so far in the Draft to the seventh round.

Bradshaw has so much potential to be an elite running back. He plays with passion, runs tough, and has no fears of taking on stronger defenders.  He really can't be pulling these kind of stunts that will turn him into another Pacman Jones.

Bradshaw was a cult hero for all of my Giants fan friends because of the excitement he brought to the game.  During the Super Bowl, he dragged Pats DL Ty Warren after a powerful run.  He really does have the ability to be a special player.

But someone needs to tell him that there isn't room in his career for this, and that he needs to behave. There are a lot of running backs that would love to be part of a one-two punch with Brandon Jacobs. There are a lot of players who would do anything to be on a Super Bowl-winning team. 

Ahmad, you have both of these, so take advantage of this opportunity. Hopefully at training camp, Bradshaw will be focused on the season and his talent will outweigh his off-field baggage.

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