Lack Of Run Game Dooms Raiders, Russell

Keilyn EllisCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2009

KANSAS CITY, MO - SEPTEMBER 20:  Darren McFadden #20 of the Oakland Raiders runs up the middle as Ron Edwards #95 of the Kansas City Chiefs defends during the game at Arrowhead Stadium on September 20, 2009 in Kansas City, Missouri.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Lets say you are a young, spry Defensive End looking to make a name for yourself and you look across the Line to see a young, 6'6" QB coming off the bench behind an inferior QB, No Crowd Support, and two doormats at both tackles. What would you do?

Those Boos from the Opposing  Home team(thanks a lot ESPN) in their own house suddenly turn to cheers in your mind and you pin your ears back and get after ''em! Hell, you know they aint runnin' the ball. Even with Darren MacFadden, Michael Bush(Who?) and Justin "crash-test" Fargas. All who have proven that they have the talent to be productive in the NFL. What happened to Raider Nation?

These so called Raider fans used to be the most Loyal fans in all of football, win or lose. Now they Boo their young QB relentlessly as if it were the only deficiency of this poorly coached NFL Team. No WR screens to the speedy DHB, who killed on this very play in college over and over again. No reverses (1 for 20 yds all season) No McFadden Flankers. (Until yesterday) And most of all, no Running Game. None. Nada. Nothing. Zilch.

Last Year Russell thrived with the ability to hand it off to three talented Backs to keep the Defense honest and buy time for the Bomb to Schilens, JLH. Now the defense is allowed to cheat in the zone with no running threat, no crossing routes, No blocking and No home crowd support. Cable anyone?

No, of course we can't criticize Cable, although he has NEVER had a winning season in his entire coaching career. Never! The fact that he is 4-19 in two seasons is lost amongst imbecile, and simpleton so called "Fans" call for their young QB's head, despite seeing the likes of Donovan McNabb, Warren moon, Michael Vick, and Last year Vince Young endure some of the same media biased and racism early on in their careers.

Last year Vince Young reportedly wanted to kill himself(what???) because he "couldnt read the defense," he scored low on the "wonderlick,"(racist), and didnt know the playbook, and is a lazy fat N*gger(oops, thats Jamarcus) The Titans will probably miss the playoffs because of this nonsensical, foolish jibber jabber.

Back to football. Tom Cable Sucks. In fact, I would argue that he is the primary reason for the Raiders failure. But for most Raider fans, with a cumalative IQ total of 12 believe that Jamarcus is the reason. And why is Grakowski hurt again?

To say Jamarcus is immobile would be correct.(So is Tom Brady and Kurt Warner)
To say that he is often aloof in the huddle would be true.
To say his receivers often have stone hands(including Murphy) is accurate.
But to say he is a bust, after being sabotaged by his first two incompetent NFL coaches would be foolish and I'll have no part of it. Now how bout that running game? Bet you'd blame that on Jamarcus' lack of handoff skills too.