Say Goodnight: Best Cloesers In Sports

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Say Goodnight: Best Cloesers In Sports
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Baseball: Mariano Rivera

Mo has been dominate for so long in baseball by just using one pitch.  He throws his signature cut fastball just about every pitch and hitters still can't figure out how to hit him.  Since 1996 when he was a set up man, until now when he got the last out in the 2009 World Series.  He is almost flawless.  He hardly blows a save.  He is the most dominate closer in postseason history.  Even now after his 14th year he still maintains to shut down teams. 

Basketball: Kobe Bryant

Since he came into the league in 1997 until now Kobe just takes over games.  When the game is on the line I don't think there is anyone else I would rather have than Kobe(at least who still plays).  He is playing with a broken finger now and still dropped 40 points.  He is clutch and knows how to win.  Let's be honest that shot against Houston was incredible and no one else would have been able to make that shot.

Football: Peyton Manning

Peyton just like Kobe and Mariano is unbelievable to watch.  His past few games haven't been great but when it comes to the 4th quarter he takes over the game and dominates.  He leads the NFL in comebacks since 2005 with 32.  He has been dominate sine he played at Tennessee and doesn't show signs of stopping.  He is arguably one of the greatest quarterbacks ever.  He should win the MVP almost every year. 

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