Open Mic: MLB owners cleaning house

Josh PropeCorrespondent IJune 19, 2008

This MLB season has been full of surprises. Teams rising from the bottom of their divisions and rising to the top.

Not all of the surprises this year are necessarily good.

After starting the season with an all-star ball club, the NY Mets manager Willie Randolph did everything an owner could want his manager to do; beside lead his club to the top of their division.

In a very untimely move, the Mets management decided to terminate the clubs manager Willy Randolph at 3:35 A.M.. As Mets nation woke that morning to turn on shows such as Sports Center, they find that the manager they backed last year and turned their back on this year had been fired.

Just this morning the Seattle Mariners decided to follow the Mets lead and fire manager John McLaren.

Last year McLaren led his ballclub to an impressive 88 wins.

Now that McLaren has been booted, can the Mariners be expected to pull out of their slump.

For both the Mets and Mariners, their season is now filled with even more question marks now that they have made moves of desperation and now have to rely on bench coaches, at least until they can find a manager that would want to put up with their ever so sad situations.