Protest at Your 2009 Bowl Game and Demand a College Football Playoff Now

Jon Sarver@ IDecember 17, 2009

AUSTIN, TX - NOVEMBER 21:  Quarterback Colt McCoy #12 of the Texas Longhorns looks to pass against the Kansas Jayhawks at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium on November 21, 2009 in Austin, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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The GridIron Gauntlet 16 Team College Football Playoff and Nation Wide College Football BCS Protest Plan

Honestly, had Nebraska's kicker been awake, TCU would be in the big game.   Let's fix it now !

Our mission is to start a viral protest throughout the country to dump the BCS for a 16 Team College Football Playoff.  There are many great plans out there and we hope you will read ours.  We are about empowering the fans to demand change now!.  Also, check out our nationwide protest plan starting this bowl season. 

We are not a highly funded slick operation that's trying to hose people to make a dime.  We will use proceeds from shirt sales to drive the "Dump the BCS" cause. 

We are starting here because you are us! And...we need to team up NOW to make this happen!

We will start with a rumble this bowl season and explode next football system.  Check it out, go to a bowl game and let people know you have had enough.  With al the brains at Bleacher Report we will incorporate the best playoff plan and make it happen.

But, we have to protest to make our voices heard before we can get them to adopt a playoff!

Our Plan!

We have developed a new system that we think answers the objections  of the NCAA, schools and the fans.   The best thing is that it keeps college football in the news for all of December and January! 

Check the 2009 Simulated GridIron Gauntlet Brackets often and see if your team is alive! Winners will be announced each Sunday after the conclusion of that round so come back often and check out the progress of your team. The GridIron Gauntlet is a 16 Team College Football Playoff that will change college football forever!

You can dump the BCS now and demand a college football playoff!

You can change the BCS forever to a 16 team College Football Playoff by purchasing our Green Out Gear and wearing it to all "Green Out Bowl Games" (all 2009/2010 bowl games re included) in December and the BCS games in January while you make sure the NCAA knows what you think of the current College Football BCS system.

Our plan is to ramp up (to get media exposure) in 2009 and hit the NCAA like a "ton of bricks" through media and internet pressure in 2010 and beyond. 

Once the news is spread we will present the GridIron Gauntlet which is our 16 Team College Football Playoff solution to the BCS madness. Go to or here for more information on how to make your statement!

Why do we need a change now?  The system is broken!

Just over two and half months into the new year college basketball fans delighted in an incredible playoff experience known as "March Madness." This "Madness" is a three-week long event that captures the full attention of sports fans and for that matter...non sports fans alike with the anticipation and excitement surrounding the schools involved and the ever present bracket office pools.

However, if you turn back the clock to December, you would find yourself bored and uninterested in the way the NCAA determines its football champion. This convoluted system continues to cause even the most avid college football fans to lose interest.

Put truthfully, the BCS does not work, no matter what is claimed!

How can the NCAA get one championship so right and another so wrong?  It is becoming increasingly more obvious that the NCAA is either completely out of touch with the average fan, or they are purposely misleading us.

The truth is, that over 75 percent of coaches, athletes, and fans want a football playoff system but the NCAA continues to ignore their wishes. The facts remain that the NCAA gets the playoffs right in every sport except football. So, it is clear they are misleading us. It is amazing to us with all the academics that run the NCAA that they can't figure out a playoff for college football....

...Well, the co-founders of FanRevolt said...we can...and we have...and it's called the GridIron Gauntlet. We have done all the hard work for the NCAA on our dime. And yes, you're welcome in advance!  The "Gridiron Gauntlet" is college football's answer to "March Madness."  We recognize there are other great systems out there and we acknowledge that. 

Our GridIron Gauntlet 16 Team College Football Playoff comes with the "Green Out" protest movement that will bring badly needed media coverage and momentum to the cause! 

It's more than writing about it...It's feet on the ground...We want all you great writers and thinkers to join with us and put the pedal to the metal...NOW!

The system calls for 16 teams in a bracketed by region playoff.

The automatic qualifiers are comprised of the champions from the six major conferences (SEC, Pac 10, Big 12, Big 10, ACC, Big East).

The next 10 at-large slots are determined by the final GridIron Gauntlet poll including members from the major conferences, mid major conferences and independents.

There are no more than four representatives from any one conference.
In other words, the 16 Team GridIron Gauntlet Championship goals are to include every team that deserves it and none who don't.

How We Bracket the Teams

The GridIron Gauntlet committee will seed the team as follows:

The top four teams are placed in the regions closest to their location.
The next 10 teams are placed in regions based on the final GridIron Gauntlet poll working to separate any multiple conference participants always being mindful of regional factors.

(Note: The Gridiron Gauntlet polls differ from the current BCS . It is  comprised of a select group of NON biased officials that have the ability to more objectively discern injustices that involve the top 25 teams.  The Gridiron Gauntlet National Poll will provide the most comprehensive and accurate ranking available.)

Opening Round (Super Saturday)

This round will set the stage and build anticipation for a true championship at a time when college football fever has died down. It would be eight great games on one great day.  We call it "Super Saturday" and it  would soon rival or eclipse the excitement of the first week of "March Madness."

In most years this will be the first Saturday in December.

(Note: If a conference continues to have championship games, they may do so. However, the completion of the games must take place on the final Saturday of November, usually the  week after the "Rivals Week" games or at the end of Thanksgiving weekend.)

These eight Super Saturday games will have staggered kickoffs (starting times) 75 minutes apart.

Top and Bottom Four Teams in the GridIron Gauntlet

This 16 team model allows the top four ranked teams earned advantages. First, they are guaranteed a home game in round one (This maintains the importance and relevance of winning the regular season games).  Second, It rewards the top ranked teams by reducing travel for their fans.

The Middle Eight Teams

The middle eight teams (teams 5-12) games will be played at neutral sites.

Site Considerations:

These games will be offered to the current second-tier bowl sites-(Not to be played as the actual BOWL game just to the sites themselves.) Alamo, Capital One, Cotton and Holiday Bowl sites.

This will be a four year guarantee which would give the GridIron Gauntlet committee the time to evaluate the ability of these sites to meet market expectations. If not proven worthy, other cities may then have an opportunity to bid for games.

(Note: The committee may further decide that it is in the best interest of college football and their fans to allow other cities to bid for these games and only allow the above mentioned sites to host on an every other year basis. So, even the bowls themselves will be in competition.  The market will determine the direction we take!)

The GridIron Gauntlet does not eliminate the sub major-bowl games from their customary playing dates and selection criteria, we simply add an extra game for the city to hold if they wish.

Why does the GridIron Gauntlet allow for the sub-major bowls to host a game?

It neutralizes the issue of mid-ranked teams not playing in these normally scheduled bowls because they were in the GridIron Gauntlet.

It lessens the problem of these bowl sites missing out on their preferred teams.

It allows the city/site to host a nationally significant game, something that is completely absent under the current system.

It allows for a team that loses in the first round  to still be bowl eligible and to be invited to any of the sub-major bowls  to participate. This would be  a decision that is outside  the scope of the Gridiron Gauntlet playoff system.

Opening Round Bracket

#1 vs. #16* (#1 home game)
#2 vs. #15* (#2 home game)
#3 vs. #14* (#3 home game)
#4 vs. #13* (#4 home game)
#5 vs. #12  (Capital One Bowl)
#6 vs. #11  (Alamo Bowl)
#7 vs. #10  (Cotton site)
#8 vs. # 9   (Holiday Bowl)

Round Two (Eight at the Gate) Major Bowls

The goal of the GridIron Gauntlet committee is to keep the tradition of the major bowls played on or near New Year's Day. The remaining eight teams come out of the regional brackets and are funneled into the major bowls representing each region: Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, and Fiesta Bowl.

The Rose Bowl would be the only bowl locked into its traditional New Year's Day 2:00 PM start slot.

The dates may change depending on when New Year's day falls. The NCAA and the networks would work this out.

The system would  allow each major bowl game to have national championship implications every year (unlike now). 

The major bowls will now enjoy increased interest, revenue, and viewership  because they all play a prominent role in determining the national champion.

(Note: For years the Rose Bowl Committee has been a major thorn in the development of a playoff system. We all have enjoyed the traditions of the Rose Bowl; however, the times have changed and the fans are clearly ready for this game to have more significance than just a Big 10 vs. Pac 10.

In fact, most recently, this rivalry has been lost when the top team in one of these conferences (USC or Ohio State) have been whisked away to play in a so-called BCS championship game).

So any longstanding tradition has been compromised already. If the Rose Bowl continues its approach (like it did before the current BCS contract) of tradition over significance, we believe there is another stadium/venue (Dallas perhaps?) that would love to take over their coveted slot.

The truth is, we all love the Rose Bowl and would all like to see it play a prominent role every year in crowning a national champion rather than being relegated to a post-parade bowl game on a sunny day.

Round Three: Semifinals (Four at the Door)

The games take place on the second Saturday in January.

During the first four years the semifinal games would be rotated by the four major bowl venues, similar to how the current BCS plus-one bowl games works now, except it would be a plus two.

The semifinals would keep the college football buzz continuing  in a big way through increased interest. Now, instead of the major bowls getting an extra game once every four years they get an extra bowl game once every two years and a significant increase in their revenue.

The  Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl would host semi-final games on even years.

The Fiesta Bowl and Orange Bowl would host on odd years.  

After the initial four years, the GirdIron Gauntlet Committee would consider putting the games up for bid if the situation is warranted.

Final Game: The Gridiron Gauntlet National Championship

The GridIron Gauntlet National  Championship Game is held on the Saturday between the NFL Conference Championship games and the Super Bowl. Until now college football has been forgotten but all that will change. The site would be up for bid similar to the Final Four.

The traditional non-football weekend is no more. It now would host college football's most important game with a new twist: It means something.  

The championship game would be played on college football's day...Saturday!
The economic studies show that big parties are far more likely to occur on Saturday making this a day to rival the Super Bowl in the minds of American fans.

The championship would actually be earned on the field and not by vote, from a computer or any other method.

The hype each season, not to mention the revenue for such a game would be significant, and would certainly rival the Super Bowl.

The GridIron Gantlet teams feels strongly in the 16 team playoff format.  No matter what format you choose, there are some problems.  We believe we have come up with the best playoff system in print.  We don't for a minute pretend to know it all, but  we do know that we have a very viable alternative to the current BCS debacle.

We are open to ideas that could improve on this system.  If you have any suggestions, please let us know or check out

Our goal is to work together!  You eat an elephant one bite at a time.  It's time for Dinner! .


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