Willie Randolph Debacle

Dan MarroContributor IJune 19, 2008

What a stupid decision by the Mets and poorly handled.

Omar Minaya has made a few poor choices in his career with the Mets, but the way he handled this one was horrible. How do you fly a guy cross country just to fire him after one game, a win of all things?

Right when the Mets were starting to show life, winning the Texas series and taking the first game against a top two team in the American League after a long trip. The firing was stupid because Randolph was not the reason the Mets were losing. If you were going to fire Randolph for making poor managerial decisions, than that should have been done in year one. But you can only cost a team so many games by your decisions as a manager. What it comes down to is the players playing and its tough to motivate someone who already has a fat wallet.

And contrary to what some people believe, I do not think that Randolph lost the team. He treated his players with all the respect in the world (maybe too much, who knows), but the fans are scavengers and were looking for someone to blame of course, and it always leads to the manager.

Although Randolph wasn't a great manager, he did what he could, and it's not his fault that the worthless Tom Glavine lost three games down the stretch last season. He is the most frustrating pitcher I have ever watched in a Mets uniform.