To The Bashers and Neysers From a Junior Nation Member

Dottie travisCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2009

Here i am sitting in front of my computer writting about my favorite topic Dale Jr. but for a different reason, I have read to maney people downing his fans and him and i am growing really tired of it.

these people have nothing better to do then bash Us, and Dale jr. I just wunder what there home life is like y'all know there has to be other people out there to write about then just us.

first let me tell you about Junior Nation: it is a wunderful fan club, all my friends are there on the nation it is a loving caring place with love for one man. Dale jr. we have done so maney things for him i held a fundraiser for him last year, and another women holds card trees for all the major holidays he does stuff for us it is almost like a family on junior nation we argue yes but just like familywe love each other

now let me tell you about our Man.  Dale Jr. is the sweetest, most considerate person you could ever meet he tries never to have a bad word about any one. and no matter how bad his day is he will give you a smile, stop and sign an autograph whatever, i have never heard an angry word out of juniors mouth except if another driver messed with him and caused an accident or whatever

if he causes the accident that man is the first on the radio to apologize so there is My reasons for such feverent love for a man who races his heart out, loves his family, and friends and Fans. and CARES there is nothin any of us wouldnt do for him. and we are standing strong right at his side until the end

Proud Dale jr fan, Proud Junior Nation member.