Best P4P Fighter...I Do Not Want To Hear It!

Jesse LangeContributor IDecember 16, 2009

  I am a man who is tired of hearing about it! Any MMA writing anywhere always leads to the arguments of who is the best. There are easy ways to figure this out...LOOK AT THEIR RECORDS!

  I would like to ask everyone to think of other sports for a moment. The Colts are now, I think, like 33-0 regular season. Is that because all the teams they have played sucked or because the Colts are a great football team? Randy Couture is a "living Legend" of mma. He has a record of 17-10 with losses to such mma greats as  Mkhail Illoukine and Enson Inoue. If your anything like me those names mean one thing...who. Yet randy is a "legend" and "one of the greatest of all time" to anyone in the UFC, yet 10 losses which include being knocked out I remind you. I am not saying he was not one of the best for a brief period of time.

  Please mma fans do your research every fighter you may think is the best will have fights against people that you have never heard of, and losses to some of them. There is, was, and never will be a fighter who walks into any type of fighting and starts with the biggest names and ends his career fighting only the biggest names. Some fighters even have a hard time finding someone to fight them.

  17-10....25-4....31-1 n/c...19-2....15-5-1 draw

    Throw out the names and you tell me who of these fighters are the best. Please do not start throwing out names of who they fought if you know what names go with what fighters. Names need to be left out for a few easy reasons...these are all records of Professional fighters who fought professional fighters.                                       

The question is simple, look at the numbers and tell me which one is best?