MLB Predictions Previews And Rumors 12-16-09

Keith BrownContributor IDecember 16, 2009

Wow a huge day for the Buzz of the Hot Stove. So much to read and write about I don't know where to start. I think the Yankees would be a good starrting point. Ny and J Damon still miles away just about 20 million some say. Some people think he might even wind up across town with yes the Mets who have yet to make any kind of move yet accept to the Japanese team the Swallows (Good One) for as quoted by Carton AKA Scoupe from the Boomer and Carton Show 66fan mornings, Ryota Igarashi threw a fastball 5 years ago at 98 mph and had Tommy John and is now back at 91 and proven nothing in MLB. I think the hope was to get Jason Marquee well proven in Colorado with 15 wins. That would equate to probably 19 as a Met in an unfriendly Hitters Park.

 I fell off the subject I really wanted to start with and that was the Yankees. They were down in Houston watching the Cuban Defector left-handed pitcher Aroldis Chapman throw what amounted to a bullpen session, two 5 minute throws. He was declared a free agent in September and Randy Hendrix is his agent. He looks like the real deal but he is young at 21 and never pitched in the majors. I don't think him or his agent are looking for a minor league contract until proven not when they say he can throw 102 mph but only reached 96 mph in the workout. Randy Hendrix said "I think it's important that he demonstrated that he's ready, that he's in shape, that he's throwing free and easy and that's what he did."

The Yankees haven't had all that much luck with Cuban Defectors alah José Contreras in the past. It looks as if they can't cut it in NY maybe small market teams would be better for him. There is to much Life in the city for a young kid with a lot of money. I am hoping for the Yankees to sign Damon and work there way to Ben Sheets and anything after that is Gravy! I think that will close up the ranks and put us down as the WS Champs 2010!!!!!!!! The Yankees Win!