Randy Orton Is The Slammy's Version Of Leonardo DiCaprio

Miss AnnieAnalyst IDecember 16, 2009

No, it’s not the good looks.


If you’re a man, and don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain it to you. 

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best actors of the decade, yet he’s never won an Oscar.  He seems to get ‘snubbed’ every year that he has a picture. He’s been nominated for best actor for his roles in movies such as The Aviator, Blood Diamond, Revolutionary Road, and The Departed among others, but he’s never won the award.  He always gets snubbed.

Now, if the Slammy is the WWE’s version of The Oscars, then Randy Orton is their version of DiCaprio.

At least for this Monda’s Raw.  He’s ‘part’ of the nominees in several categories as follows:

Match of the Year: vs. Cena, “I Quit Match” at Bragging Rights.

Shocker of the Year: DDT’s Stephanie McMahon and kisses her, while forcing Triple H to watch.

Extreme Moment of the Year: One for Kofi Kingston’s Boom Drop at MSG, and another for Triple H invading his home.

And of course, Superstar of the Year.

Now, I’ll concede that the winners in the other categories are deserving of the awards.  But Superstar of the Year should’ve been given to Randy Orton.  I know I’m gonna get some arguments about why the other nominees who didn’t win should have won, but let me give you my argument here first.

Randy Orton won the Royal Rumble, headlined Wrestlemania and most, if not all, the other PPVs.  He beat John Cena in Hell in a Cell match, not to mention he carried that whole Iron Man Match against him too.  He was in not one but two hottest feud of the year, one against Triple H and now with Kofi Kingston.  If you count the one with Cena, then that’s three.  He held the championship for most of the year.

In other words, he’s been hot all year.

What has Undertaker done?  Won in his match at Wrestlemania and then disappear for months.

What has CM Punk done? Turned heel and kicked Jeff Hardy out for good in a storyline, and started to shove his straightedge lifestyle down our throats.

What has Cena done? Hmm…what has he done? I’m sorry, I can’t give an example that really sticks out.

So there was some sort of a tournament to determine who’s going to be Superstar of the Year, sure.  They didn’t have that last year when they gave it to Chris Jericho, so don’t even tell me it’s because he’s a heel.  Another thing, they made the final match a No DQ.  Then why the heck didn’t they have Legacy to interfere in the match?  What was that like a swerve or something?

I don’t even care if they get Orton to cheat (read that I again, I said ‘they get’) to win.  I don’t even care if the Cena fans say Orton cheated to win.  But they should’ve given him the award because he deserved it.

Last year he was also snubbed of even being nominated.  I mean, one of that year’s highlight was the Age of Orton before he got injured in June.  He even made appearances and HAD an impact even while he was still sporting a sling on his arm.

So, why again is Randy Orton the Leonardo DiCaprio of the Slammys?  It’s because he’s one of the best, (if not the best) and hardest working Superstars of the year who never wins an award, much like DiCaprio.