49'ers a Playoff Team?

Jason ThompsonContributor IDecember 16, 2009

With the playoffs nearing in the NFL, everybody is asking the same questions. Are the 49'ers a playoff caliber team. The Niners showed what they first could do in front of the nation on Thursday Night Football against the Bears. But, they finally got their big change last Monday, against the Cardinals on Monday Night Football. After handily beating the Vikings, fans started asking if the Cardinals could make another run at the Super Bowl. But after the Niners beat them, forcing more than 5 turnovers, people are asking otherwise.


You can't just say that the Niners are the best. They lost to Seattle two weeks back. They almost beat the Vikings in week 3, Brett rescuing them with a last second touchdown pass. They lost to the Colts by only 4. But then what about them getting blown out 45-10 by the Falcons. A close, but disappointing loss against the Seahawks made their playoffs hopes slowly fade away.


Even I have the urge to say: This is one of the best teams in football, they almost win big games against close teams. But even as Mike Singletary said, "I'm not a moral victory type of guy."


To wrap it up, I think that if the