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I contest.

Words found empty...the Oakland Battlefield; a most bitter Sunday. 

What has't I done? What must I doeth?....for ye, cursed brethren of Raider Nation, thy suffer like none before.

Does't thou spirit not burn brightest, is not thy loyalty beyond contestation?

For I am gashed, mine eyes betrayed, mine blood runneth out the colour of night and sterling.

I know, nor remember not a halcyon day whiles't thou command our legions, yet thou behest thineself and betray thy habitué. Thou accusest thy brothers with ignorance.

I implicate thee for such transgressions. Thoust beeth doughty and vain. No longer shall I be foresaken.

Today I affirm with no anguish or contrite, in Oakland, thoust are no longer coveted. 

Abdictate and forgo thy humiliation and torment. Should thee return vulnerable and aloof; warning be made. I know not of forgiveness nor is my Nation one of compassion. 

Go now!

May thy revival be swift and thine arm be genuine once more. Return to us a willing martyr, capable and true. Let thine eyes be opened, your heart suffer as mine has languished.

As now, Bete Noire, farewell.

I embrace thee new life, I welcome thee new day.

I beseech thee Hope; come forth once more. For the shadow is but a mortal be slain.

Light breaks as dawn is darkest, such as ye Hope.

Exhort those whom doubt, our nation will soon lavish in the rays of thy glory. 

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