What Will Happen to ECW?

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What Will Happen to ECW?

As most of you know, the ECW Brand of the WWE is soon folding. The exact future of the brand is currently unknown, however we can only assume that the current wrestlers on the ECW roster will either be released, or moved to one of the two major brands of World Wrestling Entertainment, SmackDown or RAW.


Personally, I disagree with the WWE’s decision to take this show off of television due to a handful of different reasons. Firstly, the amount of Superstars that the WWE currently employs is 77. To only split that amount of wrestlers into two brands not only is absurd, but it also overcrowds SmackDown and RAW.


I believe that the WWE is aware of that, and that they know that their only two options are keeping the third show and re-branding it into a different theme, or sending half of the ECW roster to the two major brands and releasing the other half. I believe that they will likely perform the second option.


I have theories as to why they will be doing this. Last week on ECW, there was a confrontation backstage between Zack Ryder and Tommy Dreamer. Ryder claimed that Dreamer was his idol as a kid, but now, he wants to “end him“. I believe the WWE will book Ryder to kayfabe “end Dreamer’s career” sometime before the merger.


Another theory that I have pointing to a brand merger is the arrival of the Tag Team of Caylen Croft and Trent Barreta. Many fans have been complaining about how the WWE’s Tag Team division has fallen through the floor. Since RAW has a face-dominated Tag Team division, I believe that Croft and Barreta will be given a one-way ticket to RAW at the merger.


Others that should be moved to the major brands are the likes of Christian, William Regal, Yoshi Tatsu, Vance Archer, and others as well. However, to make room for these Superstars, ECW won’t be the only brand enduring a major makeover.


Many jobbers such as Charlie Haas, Funaki, Slam Master J, Jimmy Wang Yang, Primo and hopefully, Hornswoggle will be let go to make room for the new stars of World Wrestling Entertainment.


When all of the chaos is over at the end of the 2010 Draft, there should be between 35 and 40 Superstars on each of the two remaining brands, which brings me to my next concern. If you increase your brand’s mass by almost a third of what it was, the majority of all WWE Superstars will be outside of the title hunt. Since the fans are pushing for a new belt to begin with, why not add two extra title belts to the merger, as well?


Don’t just take the ECW Title away from whoever hold it at that time, simply let them carry it on with them under a different name. Change the ECW Championship into the European or Universal Championship, then put the Crusierweight Championship back onto the other brand.


If the WWE can get the right people on the right brands, and get two extra titles into the picture, then things can work very well. Regardless of the situation, however, you can bet on the WWE getting a major landscape change sometime in 2010.

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