Jets vs. Bucs

Michael EspositoContributor IDecember 13, 2009

Jets win 26-3

The Jets at 6-6 coming into this game had some “manufactured momentum”.  All I’ve heard this week is people saying that Gang Green has a shot at the playoffs if they run the table.  They said it on Inside the NFL and Mike Francesa talked about it at length, pointing out that the Jets have a strong defense and running game. 

Have they seen Kellen Clemens play quarterback?  I watched Clemens make bad throw after bad throw all afternoon.  The Jets had great starting field position in the first half and they couldn’t get a touchdown out of it.  Thomas Jones had a 33 yard touchdown run and carried the offense while Clemons and Tampa quarterback Josh Freeman played consistently awful. 

Clemens finished with a measly 111 yards passing and proved to no one that he’s nothing more than a backup.  No, Clemens wasn’t making bad reads.  He was making bad throws and you can’t make it to the playoffs with bad quarterback play.  You can make it with a mediocre quarterback, but not a bad one.  The combination of Clemens and Mark Sanchez isn’t enough.

However, the Jets are going to come away with a lot of confidence from this win and they have a shot to beat Atlanta next Sunday if Matt Ryan and Michael Turner don’t play.  If they do win, they’ll be at 8-6 and within striking distance. 

Today wasn’t pretty, though.  It was like watching a WNBA game.  Yes, it’s still football, but it was nap-inducing football.