MLB Predictions Previews And Rumors 12-15-09

Keith BrownContributor IDecember 15, 2009

Starting with the days confirmed Rumors. Yes Matsui is off to Disney Land, while the Yankees slide in and make waves in the Jason Bay saga and Johnny Damon still has no idea that Boras will get him nowhere with the Yankees IE: A Rod! The 3 main pitchers are well I guess you can say are pretty Well gone Halladay to the Phillies, Lee to the Mariners and Lackey to the Red Sox. Also the Yankees have offered Wang a minor league contract with incentives for the Majors and his agent turned them down. The Yankees are also looking at Ben Sheets, but as everyone can see Cashman is not in a spending mood rite now, but The Yankees always give their fans a Christmas present.

  OK Matsui 2 dead knees and no arm but an outstanding clutch hitter with a bit of power when needed, qualified him for a 1 year deal with the Angels for 6.5 million. Matsui will make that back, on off the field stuff like bringing the whole Asian market to Disney Land selling out the Sushi Stands and Memorabilia and Advertising sales from the far east. That is most of the reasons I feel the Yankees kept him so long because they were making money just by him being on the team. The Yankees cashed the chips in as they took the the World Series with him as MVP and they cashed out!

 I would have really like it if one of the 3 pitchers landed at the New Yankees stadium Halladay, Lackey or Lee. The Yankees have been asking the youngsters to step up but they haven't been the big payoff yet but they are also making league minimum too. If Hughes and Chamberlin don't get it done in Yankee fashion this year I think they will be big trade bait for the following year because Andy will be gone they are gonna need a big number three pitcher for the playoffs. This year really shows you if you have three Big Pitchers that that can go on 4 days rest, you can take a 7 game series if you are built like the Yankees. Nobody could stop the Yankees hitting and nobody could hit the Yankees pitching. The Yankees let go Cok and believe it or not he was outstanding for the Yankees when they needed him, I hope that Marte fill out what we have seen glimpses of this year.

 I have to rap this up for today I could go on forever, The Yankees need to lock in one more good arm outfielder with good offense. I know the arm is not great but Damon will do so they can move on to pitching because they should leave Hughes and Chamberlin to set up Mariano which leaves a whole in four and five. Please lock up the outfield and start on the pitching because pitching will get it done.