ACC / Big 12 Report Card: Passing Grades Or Keeners?

Mike HendersonCorrespondent IIDecember 15, 2009

LAWRENCE, KS - DECEMBER 2: Tyrel Reed #14of the Kansas Jayhawks makes a layup against the Alcorn State Braves during the game on December 2, 2009 at Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence, Kansas. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

A look at how the teams have performed to date - not necessarily an in-conference ranking, but just how the teams have achieved individually to date.

Atlantic Coast Conference

Team Grade

North Carolina


Have had several tough tests already, with decent results. Will be a tough out in March if they keep progressing.



Failed in their only road test so far and beat a good team (Uconn) in New York. Hard to get a read on this team until more away games are played.

Georgia Tech


Have handled the games they were supposed to but lost the one tough one (Dayton). The rest of the non-conference is similar. Conference play will tell the story on this team.



The only loss, a one-point defeat to Boston College, notwithstanding, the Hurricanes are better than people thought but really haven’t had a tough schedule.



Have been decent - except for the embarrassing home loss to Illinois in the Big Ten/ACC challenge. Tougher foes lie in wait - Duke and N.C. in two of the first three league games.

Florida State


Have been unspectacular in the first month and a bit. The Seminoles have plenty of talent but have had trouble replacing Toney Douglas’ leadership.

Wake Forest


Lose at home to William and Mary; win at Gonzaga (which nobody does). If this team can be consistent, they will be interesting to watch.



Is their biggest win so far Indiana, or Eastern Kentucky? Ho-hum. Gary Williams’ days are numbered.

Boston College


Up and down so far for the Eagles, and this with a less than torturous schedule. Season includes a second straight loss to Harvard.

North Carolina State


Some decent wins so far, but will need to be tested further to see an accurate picture of where this team is headed.

Virginia Tech


Can’t stand teams who load up non-conference wins with weaker teams, hope for a .500 conference record and then whine when they don’t go dancing in March.



Like Tony Bennett, but he needs a little time to get things rolling here. Their losses have been close, but they are not losing to top-notch teams either.


Big 12 Conference

Team Grade

Kansas State


A tough sked and good wins over Dayton, Xavier, UNLV. Have surprised some and need to keep improving to keep up in conference play.

Texas Tech


Have surprised everyone. A nice win at home against Washington. The Raiders have not ventured too far from home this year. When they do, it could be a different story.



Are perfect so far, but against who? No real road test yet (won’t count UCLA). Were the pick for national champs this year but really haven’t distanced themselves from anybody yet.



See above. Tilts against North Carolina and Michigan State should be fun and are virtual home games for the ‘Horns. A talented group that won’t find out the truth until conference begins.

Texas A&M


Once again, solid and unspectacular. Some decent wins and some tough losses. Donald Sloan improves each game.



Epke Udoh. Remember him. His presence alone makes the Bears a better team than last year. He won’t score too much but he boards and blocks

Oklahoma State


Lost their only road game by 21 to Tulsa. What’s with the scheduling, Travis? Conference play will be tough for the Cowboys.



Up and down, similar to the style they play. Some strange wins and even stranger losses. Tough to see the Tigers in the top half of the group.

Iowa State


A couple of close losses, both at home, have hurt the Cyclones. Brackins is a top-10 talent but needs much more help than he is getting.



More competitive but still only beating the teams they are supposed to. Whipped by Colorado State last week. Cory Higgins could be an all-conference performer (likely second team).



Home win versus a disappointing Oregon State team is the high point, despite a 7-2 record. How do you recruit basketball players to Nebraska? Sometimes, usually if you are the hoops coach in Lincoln, life isn’t fair.



Early season woes from less than spectacular foes. The Sooners will turn it around and have begun to after three consecutive losses. It remains to be seen where they fit in, in the Big 12 race.