Time Warner Cable Nyc Stations Is Being Off The Air .

ronald weintraubContributor IDecember 15, 2009

time warner cable  that following agreements due to expire soon and we may required to cease carriage of more of these services /stations in the near future. its bad news for time warner cable customes  that fox 5 wpix 11 and woR tv 9 will be off the air on time warner cable systems in new york city inc  E network fox soccer and food network fx other programs will be of the air on time warner cable systems by dec 31 or sooner ok becuse time warner cable didnt came to new aggrements at all have broke up talks with news corp and scippes and other companys that means  every one there no more giants games on fox 5 no more good day new york  and nore family guy no more amercan idol ok . time warner cable  if do this they will be in big trouble  that why im leaving time warner cable and going fios verzon becuse fios has fcc apporvement carry all local stations and cable stations  on there systems by the fcc ok. becuse there are follow the rules last year time warner cable early kick off a local station in buffalo becuse didnt come to agreement  untill 8 weeks later .  also in the past had problems wabc tv too two years ago they didnt came up aggments after 3 weeks later came to agreement . is not programs or stations  because didnt have fcc approvement ok  at all .  timer warner  has lie to they customes  for not telling truth before. im very sad and after 24 years  im switch to fios  /verzon.