Philadelphia Eagles Superbowl 44?

Michael BowersoxContributor IDecember 15, 2009

The Philadelphia Eagles have a very good chance in making it to Superbowl 44 this season. All they really need to do is keep there heads up and don't make any last minute mistakes like previous years. I believe that the Eagles will make better choices in the playoffs this season. I believe this because they have a highly talented and younger offense and a talented defense. The Eagles also have Mike Vick to help in the Playoffs (lets just hope he don't blow it). The Eagles need to focus these last 3 games of regular season and step up in the playoffs, Because there is going to be tough games in the playoff this year, and they will be good games too. If the Eagles keep up the good work, and continue winning games. They will be Superbowl 44 champs, and i believe that they will over come there screwing up in the playoffs.