"Jason Blake": Is A Valuable Leaf.

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent IDecember 15, 2009

 After being a Leaf fan for about 65 years, it is sure a great feeling to see a team like the Leafs have now: none quitters.

The Ottawa game today was a fine effort all around for the Leafs, with a couple of mistakes along the way.

Now we get to "Jason Blake", who I am sure the opposing defence must shutter at: when he is breaking down the wing at top speed.

There is know better forward in the league who can play the boards like Jason Bake: a master to say the least.

When Blake is on his game: So are The Maple Leafs

Blake does not have to be scoring a lot of goals, it is his speed that counts, and of course that quick movement on the boards.

As I mentioned in my last write-up: the Leafs have got to lay on the body, especially with a team like Ottawa, who like to break out quick.

The Leafs held the blueline today, and it payed off, in a big way.

Things are looking mighty good for Ron Wilson and his staff, with good goal-tending, and a couple of injured players about to return.

Finally I have something to smile about with my beloved Leafs.