Why Does The NCAA Let Coaches Leave Before Bowl Games?

CoryContributor IDecember 14, 2009

Why does thee NCAA let coaches leave before they play in bowl games?  It seems ridiculous to me.  Teams are getting prepared for the bowl game and their coach leaves and they have to get an interim head coach.  This is College Footballs playoff but some coaches don't even coach in the game.  What would happen if coaches left before March Madness?  

It's not all the coaches fault teams should not be able to contact coaches until all the bowl games are done.  I don't blame Brian Kelly for going to Notre Dame.  As he said "there are coaches and then theirs the coach of Notre Dame. I think 90 percent of coaches would want to go coach at Notre Dame, so I don't think schools shouldn't be able to contact coaches until the bowl season is over it is unfair to the players and it would be unfair to the coach if he said wait I am going to coach my bowl game then they got a new head coach.  I think that the NCAA should put in a rule so that coaches don't leave their players before the most important game of the season.