WWE Certain For A Dead End With Sheamus

John C.Contributor IDecember 14, 2009

Hello, this is my first article I have written so please leae your comments and let me know how I did  ripping on the WWE.

        I am completley dissapointed with the Pay Per View know as "TLC". All the matches on the card i felt were good execept the WWE Championship Tables match with John "The Disgrace" Cena against Shameus.(yes i realize i spelled Sheamus SHAMEus on purpose". This match has disappointed me beyond belief. I can't believe the WWE has sunk this low as to bring Sheamus of all people into the title picture. Please someone explain to me the reason in getting Sheamus into the picture. I have had it with the WWE this was the last straw. I have also heard reports that Sheamus botched the match...Hell I believe it. The guy has been on RAW for what a month? And he shot straight to the top. It makes me sick that the WWE has over looked the more deserving talent on the WWE roster. As I have posted in comments on other articles of this sort I am a big fan of Evan Bourne.

      I believe with out a shadow of a doubt that he should be in the title picture. He has been here I think more than a year and has not won a title with all the hard work i have seen him do. But anyway back to Sheamus, he does NOT deserve this title one bit. I can't believe WWE pulled this. This to me is the biggest let down in WWE history. Also I feel Sheamus is the worst choice for a WWE champion. I feel last night the WWE has made a very big mistake with Sheamus. I feel the WWE is going into a dead end with Sheamus.

       I think the WWE needs to right this wrong as soon as possible, and if they don't well, i can just say i told you so and congratulations you are going to make WWE fall just like WCW if you keep pulling this stuff.