The Wright Take: Who Should Be Named Raw G.M.?

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IJune 19, 2008


 With all three brands on Monday Night RAW next week for the Draft, the time has come for change. A much needed shake-up is coming for the WWE. The fans will get to see new feuds, new superstars and new divas.


With all these changes coming this Monday on RAW, all three brands will be represented by their General Managers. ECW’s G.M Teddy Long, Smackdown’s G.M. Vickie Guerrero, and Raw’s G.M... Wait a minute, RAW doesn’t have a G.M!


Since William Regal’s suspension for violating The WWE Wellness Program, Raw has been without a General Manager running the show.


It is expected that a New Raw General Manager will be named during the draft. So the question is... who will be it?


There are some obvious options. Shane McMahon, the son of the boss. There’s also former General Manager Ric Flair. Remember, Flair was RAW’s G.M. during the WWE’s first ever draft. He also made his shocking return to television last week on RAW, could he be the man?


How about former General Manager Eric Bischoff? Or maybe even “The Million Dollar Man” himself Ted DiBiase Sr?!


Those are all great choices. But we can rule some of them out right away.


Eric Bischoff is working with Hulk Hogan on a reality show involving Celebrities wrestling.  The show will debut on CMT. It is unlikely he will come back to the WWE right now.


Ric Flair’s appearance last week was indeed a shock, but I think it’s just to promote his new DVD coming out. He will keep his duties as “WWE Ambassador”.


Shane McMahon or Ted DiBiase look like the more likely choices. But I think the WWE needs something unexpected... something out of the box... something   CRAZY!


Hear me out here. How about General Manager... MIKE ADAMLE!


I know  I know, you’re thinking “Adam, you’re crazy!”. Adamle made his WWE debut a few months ago, with some hilarious screw-ups, including calling Jeff Hardy “Jeff Harvey”. Adamle was than named to the commentator table on ECW, and his debut screw-ups were a YouTube hit.


But after his debut on ECW, the WWE saw that he sucked, and turned it into a gimmick. Now he is mocked consistently on the air, to prolong the story. Adamle has also participated in funny skits, highlighting his character, and you know what, it’s pretty damn entertaining!


So why not? Mike Adamle has become a very entertaining character. He is the bumbling fool constantly screwing up. And it’s funny. It’s great to see Adamle himself have fun with it.


I stand here saying, Mike Adamle for GM!


What do you all think? Who should be the GM for RAW? And am I “Jamaican-you Crazy?”



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