TLC: What Should've Happened to the World Heavyweight Championship

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TLC: What Should've Happened to the World Heavyweight Championship

Last night’s TLC PPV was interesting to say the absolute least. There were 3 title changes, however a fourth was imminent. Yes, I could rant all day on about how Christian keeping the title was a very smart choice on the WWE’s part to build him as a legitimate World Title contender in the future, or how Sheamus defeating John Cena may very well be a blessing in disguise.


However, the WWE was most at fault with the World Heavyweight Championship match. I’m about to go full throttle, and take on every issue with The Undertaker retaining his prestigious title, one by one.


For a couple of years now, Mark Callaway, aka. The Undertaker, has started to have his knees give up on him. So much so, that after Taker’s epic match with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 25, he took a few months off. He is now back in the ring, however he is rarely in matches compared to other main eventers, and no longer works house shows. It is these reasons that many people think that he is no longer fit to be a champion.


Yet despite the points that I just made, the 44-year-old Callaway is currently the reigning World Champion for SmackDown, and has been so for over 70 days. When The Undertaker announced that he would be leaving World Wrestling Entertainment during sometime in 2010, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, stated that he wanted to do big things with Callaway before he left the WWE, and his screaming fans, for good.


I believe that has been done. Taker has only held the Title twice before this reign, and both times he failed to reach 40 days as the holder. Given those circumstances, this is a very big step for the Deadman. SmackDown is also filled with young talent such as John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk, Drew Macintyre, and that number is only going to increase when ECW folds into the two major brands.


Drew Macintyre just recently won the Intercontinental Championship from John Morrison, putting Morrison in the same situation that Kofi Kingston was in when he lost the United States Championship to The Miz about two months ago. Kingston is now in a raging main event feud with Randy Orton.


Morrison is undoubtedly one of the best mid-card wrestlers on SmackDown currently, and has been rumoured to be the next young gun to hit the main event scene, however in order for him to get there, he needs somebody to feud with, that has held major championships before, and is a dominant force in the WWE.


Another CM Punk vs. John Morrison feud would be ideal, however Punk is in the mist of training his new follower, Luke Gallows, plus they have their hands tied with R-Truth and Matt Hardy. Unless the WWE wants JoMo to become the next MVP, and rot in the mid-card, the only viable option for the World Heavyweight Championship scene is to give the Title to Batista, have The Undertaker take some time off before his next Wrestlemania match, and have John Morrison and Batista feud for the title.


No, I am not in a partnership with John Harris, but now seems like the right time to push Morrison. Think about it. Batista and Rey Mysterio put on fairly entertaining matches, and Morrison and Mysterio have similar high flying wrestling styles.


I have a feeling that JoMo and Batista could put on a good feud with good matches. Especially since the Animal has stepped up his game lately. Then, by the time Backlash or Extreme Rules arrives, they could have a CM Punk vs. John Morrison feud for the World Heavyweight Championship. That is a clash that most people would likely enjoy.


Of course, that is how things would go if I ran World Wrestling Entertainment. Since I don’t, things can go in any different direction. Taker could hold on to the title until WM, or it could take a whole new direction. The draft is coming up soon, so we’ll probably see some big changes by then.


What were your thoughts on TLC? What direction will the WHC picture go from here? Voice your opinion in the comments.

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