Edison Miranda Is Ready to Become a Champion...Finally

Brian O. BlakeCorrespondent IDecember 14, 2009

It's been over three years since Edison "Pantera" Miranda stepped into the ring to challenge Arthur Abraham for his IBF middleweight title.  It was a tough night for both men as Abraham suffered a broken jaw while Miranda (33-4, 29 KOs) was deducted four points for an unintentional headbutt and low-blows.  There's a lot about that loss that doesn't sit well with Miranda.

“I felt very awkward going to Germany because that is not my home, but the home of my opponent.  Everybody knows I won that fight.  I feel like the only way I am going to win over there is by a knockout.  And that is what I plan to do,” Miranda stated recently.

He plans to do that on January 9th as he is set to make his second attempt at a world title as he faces the Russian-born Robert Stieglitz (36-2, 22 KOs) for the WBO 168 lb. strap.  It will be his second bid at a world title.

The power-punching Colombian has made a lot of changes since his unsuccessful first attempt against Abraham.  He moved up in weight and now campaigns in the super-middleweight division where he is currently ranked fifth by the WBO and eighth by both the WBC and IBF.

His long-time promoter, Warriors Boxing, have recently fallen on hard times and have reached out to Dan Goossen, of Goossen-Tutor Promotions, to help guide the career of Miranda.

“I’m excited, along with my partner Leon Margules of Warrior’s Boxing, to see if Miranda will indeed show another weapon or two to his already lethal knockout power,” Goossen exclaimed. “If he does, and gets a win over Stieglitz, he would immediately put himself back into any talk about the fully loaded Super Middleweight division.”

To further his team makeover he tapped famed trainer Joe Goossen to prepare him for battle, and so far he likes what he sees from Miranda.

“Miranda has taken to our gym ethic which is very demanding,” Joe Goossen stated. “By his own admission he never came even close to putting this type of effort into the gym.  Edison is really a superior athlete, but he was an athlete in hiding because as much power and strength that he brought into the ring, he either neglected or didn’t learn some of the more subtle things to use in a fight, which is using both hands and not just relying on the one big right hand. Now he can match skills with skills, not just power against skills.  He is going to bring a more complete package to the table in January.  I am very excited!”

Goossen isn't the only one that is excited, "Pantera" himself is pleased with the way things have been going since his decision to make some changes.

“I didn’t think a title shot would come this quick,” said Miranda.  “I thought it would take longer.  I am really happy to be fighting for a world title.”

With things seemingly coming together inside and outside of the ring for Miranda, they only thing he has to worry about now is Stieglitz himself, who has no plans on letting Miranda escape Germany with his belt.

“I am so happy to be able to defend my title for the first time in my hometown,” said Stieglitz.  “I know Miranda is a tough guy who has knocked out many fighters.  But I have worked long and hard to win my world title and there is no way he is going to win here—let alone knock me out.”

Many fighters have felt they could escape the heavy hands of Miranda.  Very few actually have.

On January 9th, Edison "Pantera" Miranda will do everything in his power to make sure he leaves the ring in Germany with the belt around his waist.


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