BK Has Replaced The Whopper!

william gallagherContributor IDecember 14, 2009

   I wish Charlie Weis a fond farewell from Notre Dame. He did his best and failed. No disgrace for trying. He was in over his head as a college football head coach. Now he can take his money, and his X & O`s back to the NFL where he belongs as an offensive coordinator. Goodbye and good luck Charlie.

  I have been hoping all along that Brian Kelly is our guy! And now that he is, Irish eyes are smiling once again! He is just what the doctor ordered in South Bend. A fiery, motivational head coach, who has won at every level he has been at. He gets the very best out of what he has to work with. And he wanted the job all along. He didn`t need to be convinced or cajoled into taking the reins. He`s got the Irish gift of the gab too. And I believe he will be a dynamite recruiter as time goes on. Ode to joy, I do believe the rain has stopped and sun has peered through the clouds after 13 long, gloomy years. Better days ahead Irish faithful, better days ahead!

  And so to the ND haters I offer a prayer. Dear Lord, may those that love us, love us. And to those who don`t, please Lord turn their hearts so that they will. However if you won`t turn their hearts. Would you at least turn their ankles? So that way we will know them by their limp. Amen! Go Irish! Next season can`t get here fast enough!