Tag Team Gold for Shawn Michaels, Heavyweight Gold for Sheamus, Problem?

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIDecember 14, 2009

Yes there is a problem, a huge problem.

The WWE has abandoned any rational sense of a credible balance of power.

Jobbers become main-eventers, main-eventers become jobbers, exaggerating on my part, of course, but no further close to reality than it would be to state that the greatest performers reap the greatest rewards.

Take Shawn Michaels, for instance.

The personification of a selfless man.

The true essence of what a sports entertainer should be.

Better in the ring than just about anyone past or present, willing and able to cut any promo requested of him, and over-qualified for any honor that could ever be bestowed.

Now take Sheamus.

Un-impressive in the ring, unable to entice even the most easily entertained of fans, and under-qualified beyond recognition.

Yet, one stands tall amongst the rest while the other is relegated to the abashment of the tag team division.

The same tag team division that just a short few months ago featured Carlito and Primo as being the absolute finest the word had to offer.

It's nice to see Shawn Michaels carry gold, it really is.

But that's like saying “that fake Rolex sure does look real”...it's not fooling anyone.

DX is nothing short of a infantile gimmick kept on life support by the masses who simply adore puerility.

All the while, Sheamus is allowed to gallivant mindlessly with the WWE championship.

The WWE wants to give us something "new," something we haven't seen a in while.

Let me think for a moment, who might be qualified to hold the WWE championship that hasn't had the opportunity to do so any time within the realm of recent history?


That's it!

How about Shawn Michaels?


No, no, no, no, no, they have better things in store for us.

After all, what makes Shawn Michaels so damn special?

Sure he has put on match of the year after match of the year, put over Superstar after Superstar, and has remained loyal to the business for the past eight years.

Sure, he has missed out on years he could have spent being a father just so he could provide for his children's future and entertain all of us.

Apparently, though, that isn't enough.

You have to be about 6'6", white as a Colts helmet, and dumb as a Triceratops.

After all, Shawn Michaels has already been champion four times and the fans are tired of seeing the "same old sh*t".

Sure the last time he was champion the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the greatest football team on the planet, but it was still during this decade so Shawn Michaels should keep his mouth shut and be grateful for that lone title reign he was so graciously given.

During that time we've seen JBL, The Great Khali, and now Sheamus be able to stand atop the mountain and perhaps if Shawn Michaels learned what it took to get there, I wouldn't have anything to complain about.

Don't take my advice WWE, I'm clearly illogical on this one.

Just allow your boys on the creative team to do exactly what they've been doing best, keeping the ratings high and spirits of your fan-base over-stimulated.

It's been working great so far.