Sound Off: Too Big of a Gap Between Regular Season and National Championship?

Joe LibrizziContributor IDecember 14, 2009

Every year in college football there is always a debate about whether or not we should use the current BCS system or switch to a playoff. 

But I want to sound off on another issue.

That issue is the time between the last regular season game and the bowl series, especially the National Championship game. Is it too long?

For most teams their last game action was on Dec. 5.

The bowl games begin with the New Mexico Bowl on Dec. 19, between Wyoming and Fresno State.  However, none of the top 25 teams will see action until Dec. 22, and for Texas and Alabama, the National Championship game is not until Jan. 7.

For the players and coaches on Texas and Alabama, the wait is exactly 33 days.  Although you can make the argument it gives players time to rest and recover from injuries suffered during the regular season, as well as coaches to prepare the perfect game plan, it's simply too long. 

After playing more than three months of football at game speed, to take a month off hurts the players mentally and physically.  Their routines are broken and you can not replace game speed with practice speed.  I would propose a two week break or simply a bye week. 

What do you think?

Sound off...