It's a Shame: Sheamus Wins The WWE Title

Sammy SucuSenior Analyst IDecember 14, 2009

Here I complete shock. The WWE finally did something different with the WWE championship belt, or this was a complete botch. Let's keep it as it is and say that the creative team was behind Sheamus winning. Am I the only person in the world that still believes that this didn't happen? I mean come on, how can you give Sheamus a push when Kofi Kingston was criticized for not "looking like a champion". They had to drop his Jamaican accent in order to make his mic skills better. Well let's put it this way, Sheamus's mic skills are sub-par at best, but how can we judge anyway? Sheamus has only been on Raw for less then 2 months now and he's our WWE champion. I am a John Cena fan, but I also think the Rock is the greatest WWE/WWF superstar to ever step in a ring, meaning I love mic skills more than anything. Sheamus doesn't have it, not at all whatsoever. Cena looked different tonight at TLC, he looked like a man posessed. He didn't have the Superman thing going for him, and he didn't repeat any moves. Cena was actually handling Sheamus like the mid-carder he should be.Then come the vintage Cena moves and it seems like he is rolling to defend his title. Cena grabs Sheamus in an awkward position on the top rope with a table in the ring and another suspicious table on the outside of the ring. As I was watching this I was speechless, I felt like a kid again watching Triple H vs the Rock. I never knew who was going to win those matches, Vince's son in law, or the WWF's most prized possesion..the Rock(sorry about my attitude era rant).This match actually had me thinking that Sheamus was going to win this thing with great position on that top rope, and as soon as I started thinking otherwise there Cena slow motion through a table and Sheamus goes tumbling outside of the ring and missing the " suspicious" table on the outside. Whether or not I think this was all botched, Sheamus won, and I don't know how it happened..but if the WWE really did plan this..then I give the creative team a round of applause. I always wanted the Miz to get the title run(considering he is one of the best heels in the WWE IMO) but here is Sheamus the first heel WWE champion in a while(other than Orton). Why would the WWE do this? Are they really that inconsistent. How does it take 8 years for Stone Cold Steve Austin to win his first title but for Sheamus it takes him 8 appearances on Monday Night Raw. Maybe it was a botch..well I believe it is a botch, but whether or not it was a botch we are all in shock. 

So now where do they go? Does Sheamus drop the title to Cena tomorrow night(some might say because Cena was caught holding the title at the tribute to the troops recording) or are they going to keep this going with Sheamus. Let's hear what you have to say.