Is the Indianapolis Colts' Win-Streak More Impressive Than Winning a Super Bowl?

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIDecember 14, 2009

Twenty-two consecutive regular season victories.

The Indianapolis Colts now stand alone in sole possession of the NFL record for most consecutive regular-season wins.

And while many might be quick to point out the fact that it is a "regular season" record, it is no less relevant.

As a Colts fan, there have been a number of fantastic memories over the past decade.

Peyton Manning throwing his 49th touchdown pass, winning the Super Bowl...

But this 22-game winning streak has to stand out tall above the rest.

Our 114 victories this decade (another NFL record) is more impressive and more telling of how good this franchise has been over such a long period of time, but the length of time it took to acquire these last 22 victories can draw a fair comparison to another accolade:

Winning the Super Bowl.

Most Colts fans would appoint it as being the greatest moment in their fanhood, either that, or defeating New England to get there.

But, as satisfying as it was to win our first Super Bowl (in Indianapolis), this 22-game winning streak strikes me as more impressive.

Considering that this league has been around for 90 years and not a single team besides the Colts have ever been able to do so—the record speaks volumes.

This is particularly relevant in regard to Peyton Manning's legacy.

Nobody, including myself, is saying that he got there alone, but would it be a fair assumption to state that he, more than anyone else on their roster, had the biggest impact in making it happen?


In any event, people often judge quarterbacks by the number of rings they have on their fingers.

You think of the Montana's, the Bradshaw's, the Brady's, and they are all revered for being "winners."

Begin to discuss the greatness of their careers and one of (if not) the first things mentioned is how many championships they won.

Reasonably so, why not mention the fact that they achieved what every single team hopes to do every year.

But the thought that came to me was, what is more impressive?

Winning a Super Bowl or winning 22 games in a row?

Well, one team has won 22 games in a row and 43 teams have won Super Bowls.

It's not like all of these teams are not trying to win as many games in a row as possible year after year.

They're not trying to lose; they're playing to win.

But the Colts have done what nobody else has done.

If it wasn't that impressive, others would have done it, but if nothing else, many teams would have come close.

But they haven't.

What's more impressive, Peyton Manning's 2006 Super Bowl season or his 22-game winning streak?

It's not that hard of a decision to make.

The winning streak.

Considering how immensely difficult it has been to do and considering the number of tough teams defeated along the way, winning our past 22 games was harder to achieve than winning our 2006 Super Bowl.

Therefore, it is more impressive.

One could argue that certain teams (like the 1985 Chicago Bears) had single seasons more impressive than the Colts winning streak.

That's debatable, but valid.

But, I'm not even comparing the streak to the greatest Super Bowl championship teams of all-time, I'm simply comparing it to winning "a" Super Bowl.

Nobody says that John Elway won two Super Bowls but the 1997 Denver Broncos weren't "that" great.

They simply say that Elway won two Super Bowls.

But will anyone say that Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl "and" engineered the only 22-game winning streak in NFL history?

Absolutely not, even if the feat is more impressive than the aforementioned.

That is why I am going to be very vocal about the magnitude of this accomplishment.

The Colts' goal is, and should be, to win another championship, nobody is denying the validity of that desire.

I'm simply mentioning that what they have been able to do over the past two seasons is more impressive than winning a championship.

If we can add another Lombardi trophy to our plethora of accolades, so be it.


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