Three Things Gone Incredibly Wrong With WWE's TLC Pay-Per-View

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIDecember 14, 2009

TLC as a whole wasn't the worst PPV I have seen in a long time, but it did manage to make some pretty horrible mistakes.

Three of which became very apparent.

I discussed the tragedy of Sheamus' victory in my last article, but I didn't quite have the opportunity to get to gripe about the other issues I had.

Nevertheless, Sheamus takes my top spot as the most monumental blunder of the event.

1. Sheamus Wins the WWE Championship.

What is there to say really?

He is under-talented, under-qualified, and over-pushed.

The result: The biggest name of this generation drops the industry's most prestigious prize to a man unqualified to hold the ECW Championship.

2. Headline Reads "Orton Lucky" in Response to His Victory over Kofi Kingston.

No complaints with the match-construction here. Kofi Kingston fought his little heart out only to receive his deserved conclusion: RKO'd like countless others and left to lay in Orton's shadow.

No problem, actually, good work by the creative team.

Yet my lone little gripe has to do with's headline after the match.

"Orton Lucky"

Really? Not to belabor the obvious but there was nothing "lucky" about Orton's victory. Sure he could have been hit with a Trouble In Paradise but in the end, the better man walked away the winner.

That's not luck, and if the WWE Universe decided to continue being realistic in the same regard, Orton would beat Kofi nine times out of ten.

The "lucky" reference was little more than their attempt to restore credibility to Kofi Kingston's efforts.

If Kofi Kingston defeated Randy Orton, I guarantee there would be no mention of "luck" to be found in the company's post-game report.

3. Closing the Show With the Tag Team Titles.

No, no, no, no, no.


The Tag Team titles are not that important.

No matter how much you push, not matter how much you've tried, they're one step above irrelevant. The Tag Team division has not been fresh, has not been exciting, and has not been structured.

They closed the show with this match simply because D-X was elected to win.

The moment I saw that they were closing the show with it; it became a foregone conclusion as to who would win.

The WWE knows they shouldn't close a show with a Tag Team title match but they would never, EVER close it with the heels winning.

So please don't close the show with a less-prestigious match, you’re taking away what little credibility was left in the WWE title after Sheamus won it.

And if you're going to close your pay-per-view with a minor-league title match, at least don't reveal the winners before the bell is rung.