WWE's Shameful Disaster: The Incompetent Sheamus Wins the WWE Title

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIDecember 13, 2009

Tragedy has befallen the WWE Universe.

Amidst turbulent times, turmoil, and an utter lack of logical decision-making, the WWE brought forth the culmination of their disturbing aberration by placing the most prestigious prize in the entire industry around the waist of one of the most under-qualified performers in recent memory.

It was wrong; it was bad for business—it was downright shameful!

The incompetent Sheamus now stands tall amongst all of his peers as the top guy in the industry, or so the WWE's creative team is attempting to indicate.

Randy Orton, John Cena, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Big Show, Batista, Chris Jericho, and CM Punk all now stand beneath Sheamus.

The WWE Championship is the most prestigious title in this business, and the WWE decided that Sheamus was the most qualified to hold that honor.

No wonder the ratings have been going down.

World Wrestling Entertainment, how dare you? Do you really care about your product? Do you really care about the legacy that your presence within this industry leaves behind?

I've heard that the creative team has been getting burnt out, but this is far more alarming than I would have speculated.

Are you so desperate to give the people something "new" that you defy logic and rationality just to prove your Universe wrong? Everyone walking Earth knew that Sheamus would not win the WWE title, and that is exactly why the company gave it to him.

That and their insatiable thirst to give the people something new.

If your goal was to give us something new, then a job well done.

You gave us a new dose of crap, a new reason to take your product less seriously, a new reason to be less excited when someone credible does win the title.

Thank God for guys like Randy Orton.

No, I won't stop watching your product so long as you’re smart enough to employ people that are talented. It's just a shame that you have no apparent comprehension of a credible balance of power.

Now, I understand this decision was done for shock value, and I understand that it is the WWE's weak attempt to deliver the unexpected. So let’s get past that.

Hopefully the WWE will come to its senses and correct their calamitous mistake.

They ruined what could have been a credible John Cena title run, so part of me thinks that they shouldn't try to repeat that process after throwing two months of effort into trash.

But more alarming than the WWE's abandonment of progress are the ramifications of their decision. JBL's WWE title reign tarnished the championship beyond comprehension. In a way, Cena's decision to desecrate to championship’s physical form, if nothing else, helped us forget about the underqualified performer who held it prior.

But the damage goes beyond harming the immediate perception of the title's credibility. It removes what little prestige the title still had.

For a man like Sheamus, who is neither exceptionally talented in the ring nor on the mic, to capture the industry's greatest prize removes the credibility of so doing.

The man has spent a month on Raw, nevermind his time served in the minor leagues. To take only a month to accomplish what other more talented superstars take years to achieve is beyond ignominious.

The company should really be ashamed of themselves.

You have a guy like Shawn Michaels who has given every ounce of his heart, sweat, blood, and tears to deliver five-star match after five-star match for the past seven years, and he has been rewarded with nothing.

It's sad to see his best friend Triple H pick up title reigns like sinus infections; but I find it far more disturbing to see Shawn Michaels relegated to the ranks of the tag team division while the likes of Sheamus gallivants around shamelessly with the WWE Championship.

You want to give us something new WWE?

How about giving the WWE title to the most talented performer of all time?

How about seeing someone whose bowel movements deliver more excitement than Sheamus' good nights get to hold the same championship he lost 12 years ago!

You're running out of good ideas? I'm running out of patience.

I should be happy, happy that my beloved hero Randy Orton vanquished the underqualified tonight.

But I'm not.

I'd have Randy Orton lose to Kofi Kingston if we could take back Sheamus' WWE title. Even with Orton now getting the "green light" to compete for HIS title, I'd give that all up to restore prestige to the WWE Championship.

It's beyond personal favoritism at this point; it's about the history of this industry.

It's about appreciating and valuing that which should be more important.

Now we can speak of Sheamus in the same breath as Hogan, Flair, Hart, Michaels, Austin, and The Rock.