The Rangers Need To Go Back To School! Old School That Is!

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IDecember 13, 2009

No matter what the NHL does in regards to changing the rules,  Hockey will always be Hockey. Where great goaltending and a strong , tough defense is needed. Guys like Marion Gaborik , Alex Ovechkin are cheered and worshiped for their great offense.

Take a look back ten years ago, there was not one team in the league that was not a tough team. Weather they had  several brawlers or a defense that would knock you into tomorrow every chance they had.  Fighting was needed, protection was a necessity.  Players like Jeff Buekeboom , Bob Probert, Marty McSorley, Dave Semenko , Tie Domi, David Schultz, Andre Roy, and Colton Orr just to name a bunch. Enforcers, bodyguards, whatever you wish to call them. They put fear in every other team they faced.

It took more then just having that one guy though.  A team needed at least three tough guys. Back in the day a team was even ranked on how tough they were ,  how many tough guys they had.  At one point in time it wasn’t Wayne Gretzky they feared it was Semenko and then McSorley.  Not only were these guys major enforcers but they were heavy hitters. They checked everything that moved, like ex Rangers Jeff Buekeboom, Joey Kocer and Tie Domi.

So where am I going with this?  Last year Colton Orr had 133 checks. Only because of his ice time. He would have had more if played more.  Callahan had 265, Dubinsky had 251, Girardi had 207, and Marc Staal had 189.  This year, 31 games into the season , Cally has 111 hits already, Girardi and Staal are at 69 and 68.  The Rangers toughest guy is 5”11 188lbs Ryan Callahan. But a Tie Domi he is not!

Donald Brashear who at one point in time was a dominate force on the ice is now pretty much old and useless.  They say he is a better skater then Orr and a better fighter.  How can that be when Colton Orr won more fights in the last two years then anyone.  Never mind he is a faster skater and when he checks someone he knocks them down.  When has Brashear planted a guy with a hard check. How about youth, Orr is 27 Donald is 37.  Not trying to take anything away from Donald but last year Orr was skating hard, his offense was improving and by far he was more of a presence then Brashear on the ice.  The Rangers should have kept Orr and sign Donald.  Now you have a physical presence on two lines not just one.

Toughness goes a long way. Sather signs Head Coach John Tortorella because he believed he was a tough coach. Tough talk, is all we get when he speaks. But what good is having a tough coach, talk tough, saying we will be a physical presence on the ice, we will  fore check and back check for 60 minutes. What good is all of that when you have no  one that other teams fear. NEVER MIND  you are missing size to back up what you say.

The Rangers biggest guy is 6’7 252lbs Brian Boyle. He has 40 hits this year in 30 games.  But we are not talking any big time hits, no top 5 hits of the week.  So what good is having this tough coach when your team is small in comparison to other teams and your players are a bunch of wimps.  Starting with the defense.

Forget offense, the first thing you need is defense. Toughness.  The Rangers are not a physical threat and for that they lose games when playing a more physically, dominate team.

It is time to go back to old school. Six defenders, three of them big, physical, tough guys. Your fourth line is the FEAR!  If they cannot get Orr back, then they better start looking for the right replacement.  Hard hitters  that no one wants to get checked by. Your third line is a mixture of toughness and ability.  6’4 255lbs Evgeny Artykhin , last year this guy torn into the Rangers from one end of the ice to the other. He is a monster checker and from time to time knocks in a goal.  Guys like Dustin Brown. He is only 6’ 208 lbs but this kid is tough , loves to check and can score goals. At least 25 a year . Brown had 285 hits last year and ended the season with 24 goals 29 assists.  How about 21 year old Milan Lucic, 6’4 220lbs.  Very physical player had 17 goals 262 hits last year. Its not the goals, it’s the toughness.  The goals is a bonus to their ability and physical presence on the ice.  Never mind the fact that these are guys that can play on any line makes them that much more of value. 

Having three tough defenders provides you with a presence with every defensive pair that is on the ice.  Having players like a brown and Lucic gives you that option of not only their ability to score but having that toughness on all lines as well as being a scoring threat.  Having a player like Artykhin makes teams pray he wakes up in the morning in a good mood.  Eleven years ago there was not one player that was looking forward to playing against Zdeno Chara. He was young and checking everyone. At 6’9 255lbs all he had to do was hit you and you were hurting.

Old school hockey, where teams had to make adjustments for each team they faced depending on how tough they were. Now we have teams waiting to put the top line against the Rangers 4th line.   This was not the case back in the day. 


How can you expect to win.  Teams are playing guys 22 minutes a game that if playing another team would only see 10 minutes and there scoring.  Top lines of other teams can play continuously against any line the Rangers throw at them. NO FEAR!  

Ok there is no checking a guy with out the puck any more. Can not hook. They are trying to make Hockey a sport for pansies. But that will not happen. Because you make adjustments and you sigh guys that will punish any player who touches the puck.  You will  put you 4th line, your checking line on against every teams first line and hurt them with hard checks, which will force that team to adjust  to everything you do. it’s a chess match with your goalie as king. When they come into your zone you hit them hard. Forcing them to pass more quickly, never being allowed to set up.  FEAR AND TOUGHNESS! It also creates turnovers!

THE Rangers need to go old school.  Starting from their defense.  Your 4th line is and always will be your checking line.  YOUR CHECKING LINE!  Not the Blair Betts line.  Not lets just make a name for our selves by blocking shots.  4th line means hurting people , beating the day lights out of them every dam shift.  Look at what the Rangers forth line has become because of the Blair Betts effect.  Yeah yeah I know. We love Betts man , how can you say that.  How, cause Betts was a pussy if there ever was one.  6’3 220 and like Boyle afraid to hit someone.  Never fought! Never scored., and one of the slowest guys in the league. But he blocked shots .  He had defense awareness. Yeah sure he was aware of every player that skated right past him. Everyone loves him. He played hard.  Yeah well playing hard has accomplished nothing for this team and either did Betts.

 This is the problem with this team and the Ranger fans now. The Betts effect.  Stop think with your heart. You know , I’ll bet on the Rangers to win the game because I love them , but I know they stink. That is betting with your heart. Think hockey and  think of your team. What is best and what will win the game for them. That is not Betts.

This is why I have always said that Ranger fans settle for the crap on the bottom of the litter box. We  Rather have Betts then Boyle and so forth. At least Boyle will score some goals for you and he is faster then Betts and he does the same thing as Betts did.  Neither one of them checks or play physical.   As far as I am concerned Boyle can go to Philly too they can  Keep them both.

Stop settling for just hard workers. The is the dam NHL, the Pros!  They make millions , We should not have to ask any player to play hard. That should all ready be given every game.  Everyone says well Betts was a great penalty killer.  Well shit , I guess Betts was a one man show. He did it all alone.  He didn’t have 4 other players on the ice with him.  It wasn’t the Betts show. It was the Henrik Lundqvist show last year. 

The Betts effect is why we have fans saying well the Rangers are playing hard, they look good , what more can we ask for.  Confusing hard work with having talent.  Confusing a hard working team with a very good talented team.  Its an illusion that hard work means they have talent or that they are better then what they are playing as.  All the Betts effect. That is what he did to this  Rangers team. Turned them all into hard workers with no talent. WOW!  Please lets sigh 25 guys just like Betts and lets see how many games they win.  Right now we have  a team filled with Blair Betts’ and they are losing. The only person winning the game for the Rangers is not in the Betts effect category and he is leading the league in goals.  He has talent and works hard, and Marion Gaborik will never fall into that category.  STOP SETTLING FOR CRAP!

In fact we need to throw that hard working theory out the window.  Every time Tort says he works hard we might as well throw our hands in the air because we know he is talking about a bum.  Giving us the false appearance of a player, making us believe that hard working mean talented player. Not giving us players stats to win us over, or what the player has accomplished in his time. Just he’s a hard worker and should help this team. Mean while there is 1000 other hard working players in the NHL. After all, that is why they are playing in the NHL. RIGHT?

I am sure non of this will make sense to some of you. Specially the Betts effect part. But it is what it is. The truth hurts because we liked Betts, he was a good guy. Hard worker.  I have 6 guys at the end of my block that work hard too, ripping up the road for the last past week and they do it 8 hrs a day not 60 minutes.  Maybe we can throw them in. they work hard. Isn’t that enough?

The Betts effect is why players like Redden and Rozsival are still on this team. Again, effort equals talent. NOT!  Back in the day these two bums would have been gone a long time ago.  Now we have the mentality of the Betts effect. Rosy and Redden were not even in trade rumors last year. How pathetic !

Old school! Out with the pansies and in with the tough guys. Out with the underachievers and bring in guys that can really score.  Or bring in the rookies to help build up for tomorrows future. Go back to basics and go old school!  That is what we need! At least if they bring up the rookies  then there is an excuse on why they lose.  At the same time they will lose but they will kicking the other teams butt and they will remeber playing them, do to physical play! The process of elimination ALSO begins. Who is worth keeping and who isn’t.  There will be no huge contracts that the Rangers can not get out of. The future starts with Hartford. All these guys we have now we should trade off for draft picks and nothing else. 

Either way we need to go old school on everyone!

This is the Orr effect

Domi old school

rangers old school

old school brawling

you tell me who won this fight?