New York Rangers Have Violated League Constitution

Greg CaggianoSenior Writer IJune 19, 2008

Relations between the New York Rangers' ownership and Gary Bettman took a turn for the worse today when the NHL announced that they have sued Madison Square Garden. Earlier this season, MSG sued the NHL for the rights to their own team merchandise and the NHL says that legal action violated the league constitution.

Here's the report so far from Sports Business Daily:

"The NHL has proposed disciplinary proceedings against MSG that could result in the suspension or termination of their ownership of the NHL Rangers, according to a draft letter written by NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman that was filed in New York district court late yesterday.

"The letter, part of the league’s ongoing legal fight against MSG, alleges that MSG—by suing the NHL—has violated the league constitution."

In other words, the NHL may remove the ownership of the Rangers because they sued to get the rights to THEIR OWN merchandise. Just another thing screwed up in the league with Bettman at the forefront. Right now, this is the only news that has trickled on through, but I'm sure there will be more later on. Good riddance, Mr. Bettman, good riddance.