20/20: Where Could The Seahawks Have Gone Elsewhere In The Draft?

Nathan MarraContributor IDecember 13, 2009

Please note that I in no way agree with the "What If" situation, and I am giving Mr. Curry at least 2 more years before I will fully evaluate him. This is simply a look-in at the draft picks' performance.

Alright, with that out of the way, let's get going.

So, the Seahawks are fresh off a 34-7 Texans beatdown, and are sitting at 5-8, out of the playoff picture. Fans are frustrated, and they will naturally look for something to blame. Among these many choices for designation as "The Reason For All This" is the last draft. Those premature evaluators freak out when a rookies LB has a stat line of 4 tackles, or whatever. They are immediately labeled a bust because they are not performing.

Which brings up the question: because of our draft pick's poor performance thus far, where could the team have gone with that #4 pick? As a die-hard Hawks fan, I am giving Curry a chance, and I will admit that his performance this year has not been up to expectations, but let's not forget that people's expectations for Curry were sky-high, and totally overblown.

Here's some food for the trolls who believe Curry is the wrong choice and believe he should be cut (rolls eyes):

1. Brian Orakpo, Washington Redskins

There's no question that coming out of Texas, "Rak" was the real deal. In fact, it's a surprising thing that the Browns passed him up to trade down. Let's check out Orakpo's season stat line: 7 sacks, 40 tackles, 4 TFL (not including game against Raiders, which was a beast game) Orakpo has certainly exceeded his expectations this year, and is one of the brighter spots on a surprisingly solid Redskins defense. I'm sure if we were judging Curry vs. Orakpo so far, Rak wins. But time will tell, what happens if Orakpo will not have a guy like Albert Haynesworth up on the line due to injury or other circumstances? We'll have to see.

2. Mark Sanchez, New York Jets

Believe you me, I am not a Sanchez fan. I think he is too inexperienced and erratic at this point. He has a -6 TD-INT ratio, and has one of the worst QB ratings in the league. But the thing about QB's is they take time to develop, and if Sanchez can live up to the New York expectations (doubt it), then he should be a great QB. But I still probably wouldn't take him between Curry and Sanchez, because Curry wasn't hyped for nothing. Sanchez was hyped for USC.

3. Eugene Monroe, Jacksonville Jaguars

Not much to say here, but Monroe has helped out an up and down Jaguars team that is surprisingly in the Wildcard hunt. I think if I had a decision to go back in time, I would consider this, but Monroe hasn't even been the best O-Lineman in his class so far this year. We'll touch on this next.

4. Michael Oher, Baltimore Ravens

I think this guy was really underrated coming into the draft, because everybody assumed he was dumb as a rock. I think Oher has been the best Offensive Lineman in this year's class so far, and has made a definite impact on a solid Ravens team. I'd definitely consider taking him. May not be a LT in the NFL, but has looked very good at RT for the Ravens.

5. Michael Crabtree, San Francisco 49ers

I was never really a fan of this pick after T.J. Houshmandzadeh was picked up in FA. Not to mention the injury concerns, the mysterious combine, and the recently introduced character issues heading into the latter part of the draft evaluation period drove me away. End result: a holdout that listed past the 1st quarter of the season, and hasn't made the impact everybody thought he could in the NFL as of yet. I still think Crabtree will be an NFL talent and a possible Pro Bowler in the future, but as of now, I don't like him.

Well, out of those options, Oher and Orakpo seem like the best to me. And playing the "What If" card, yes, I probably would pick one of the two over Curry, if only because $60 million for a SAM LB is not a good investment, especially when Lofa Tatupu and Leroy Hill also had big bucks coming their way. I think David Hawthorne or Will Herring could have been serviceable, if not solid, without Curry. $60 million for an OT or a DE is a much better investment than a SAM LB. But, time will tell.