Yankees Have Better Idea Of What Blue Jays Want For Halladay

Scott AlfanoContributor IDecember 13, 2009

TORONTO - APRIL 6:  Roy Halladay #32 of the Toronto Blue Jays delivers the pitch during the Opening Day game against the Detroit Tigers at the Rogers Centre on April 6, 2009 in Toronto, Ontario. (Photo by: Dave Sandford/Getty Images)
Dave Sandford/Getty Images

The Yankees have heard from Toronto Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos what exactly it would take for the Yankees to acquire ace Roy Halladay, and the price is steep. The Yankees would need to give up either Joba Chamberlain or Phil Hughes AND Jesus Montero AND others.

Both Joba and Hughes have been in the Yankees system for a couple years and are staples at the major league level. Both of their roles on the team are a little cloudy, but both are strong pitchers with potential to be aces themselves.

Jesus Montero is arguably one of the Yankees most important minor league players now that Austin Jackson has been traded to the Detroit Tigers. Just 20 years old, Montero spent this season in both A Tampa and AA Trenton, where he hit a combined .337 with 17 home runs and an on base percentage near .400. With Jorge Posada getting older, it is only a matter of time until Montero comes up unless he is traded first.

Considering the Yankees just traded their best outfield prospect (Austin Jackson), and 2 pitchers (Phil Coke and Ian Kennedy) with major league experience, I would expect GM Brian Cashman to be weary about losing even more prospects. In the last few years, the Yankees have worked much harder to build and retain their prospects.

I can't imagine Cashman giving up this much for Halladay. Then again, he did say, "for the right player, I'll move anybody."