Alabama Football 2009

tyler gibsonContributor IDecember 13, 2009

alabama has had its ups and downs over the last 10 years but bama is indeed back.back to were well guess what back too pasadena to play the great football team of the texas longhorns the last week showdown between texas and nebraska was a shocker texas really cheated in my opinion,but nothin we can do now there on there way to pasadena to play mark ingram and the crimson tide of alabama.texas will be in a underdog going into this game because of the rankings alabama#1 texas#2,butt that will not stop them from playing football.colt mccoy is gonna be in for a suprise alabama defense is gonna kill that ofensive line of texas starting with big  cody at nose tackle he will run you over if you aint carful.both teams have a month to prepare for this team will be the bcs champs!!.in my opinion alabama will win that game by a blowout.Im not the smartest person but 'thats my pick alabama gets 13 national champs.