Good Or Bad, My TLC Predictions

Ish BundyContributor IDecember 13, 2009

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs..what a card

As I write my first article, I am proud to say that I am part of the B/R "family". I would also like to plug myself on my youtube channel

If you see backyard wrestling vids, just ignore them and watch my reviews, predictions, etc. I am lilish4 on youtube

Now to the main topic of this video, the WWE's new PPV TLC.

Now this PPV actually looks pretty good but let me get in my predictions

Intercontinental Championship
John Morrison(c) v. Drew McIntyre

Ok, now this match is pretty much the only match on the card that has me worried. I mean McIntyre hasn't really proved anything to anyone. I mean what the hell has he done? Beat up R-Truth? He doesnt impress me whatsoever. Yes, his match last week on the Blue Brand was ok, but still doesn't quite do it for me. On the other hand, there is Morrison. Obviously, one of the WWE's future stars and a great wrestler, but his feuds are always the same. This may be because of the WWE having the same heel characters or just Morrison being the same. But this feud is boring IMO. At the end, McIntyre is winning. Because he is best buddies with DX, and because Morrison has held the title for ever.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

WWE Women's Championship
Michelle McCool(c) v. Mickie James

Anyone else think that the WWE is really messed up for what they are doing with Mickie? Yes, shes not the skinniest diva, but I wouldnt mind being her boy toy. She is also one of your top five best women wresters, so you shouldnt be doing this to her. Then there is McCool. Not the best diva, but certainly not the worst. The build-up to this match has been ok, but boring. I mean again, the WWE's divas have no personality whatsoever. I can only think of two divas that actually have a gimmick. Beth Pheonix and Jillian. Thats it. Also, the Women's title needs more prestige. Maybe if you actually had a long storyline that involved good (and not pointless) promos, an actual video package like all other feuds get, and some gimmick matches instead of the same one on one crap. Maybe a fatal four way match, or a cage match, or a ladder match or something like that. Because this is getting boring. In the end, James is winning.

Winner: Mickie James


Randy Orton v. Kofi Kingston

Everyone knows all about this feud. If you dont, then you must have been living under a rock. Randy Orton must win this match. I mean if he doesn't, he won't look credible whatsoever. This is the man who destroyed the McMahon family and made the all powerful HHH cry like a baby. He has also made Kofi a star. Orton NEEDS to go over. It wo't even hurt Kofi if Orton wins. In the end I see Orton winning. After the match Legacy comes out and they help out Orton. Thus, MVP and Henry come out for the save (A New Nation of Domination anyone?) setting up Legacy v. The New Nation feud

Winner: Randy Orton

Tables Match
WWE Championship
John Cena (c) v. Sheamus

Another feud that I don't really need to talk about. The build up to this match has been pretty good and entertaining, but WWE messed up on this one. At the WWE's Tribute to the Troops, Cena was still champ. Now I know what your saying "that means Cena will win 100% at TLC". WRONG! Now Cena will most likely win at TLC, but what if Sheamus wins. Haha. Cena could then win the title back before TTTT and make Sheamus have a one day reign. But this isnt what the WWE screwed up on. If Sheamus loses this match, he will lose all credibility(if he had some already) and will be lost in the shuffle. The WWE should have let him work his way up instead of this crap. Now im going to pick Cena to win for obvious reasons, but if Sheamus wins, lets just say I told you so.

Winner: John Cena

Ladder Match
ECW Championship
Christian(c) v. Shelton Benjamin

Im one of the only people here who actually watch ECW and it is actually a good show. I recommend watching it if you want to see good WRESTLING and not storylines. But back to the match. This feud has been a friendly feud, but that will change at TLC. This will probably be the match of the night wherever it is on the card. This is on of the reasons that I will buy(stream) the PPV. Two of the best wresters WWE has and the Best in ECW go at it in a ladder match. Wow this should be good. In the end, Shelton should win the title. Christian has been in the ECW title picture forever now and its time for him to leave and go on to better things (Raw or better yet Smackdown). And also since ECW is going to be repackaged, who would be a better champion for the young guys to follow than Benjamin?

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Chairs Match
World Heavyweight Championship
The Undertaker(c) v. Batista

Ok, before I start, if you don't know what a chairs match is, go to youtube and type in XRDW Steel Chair match, even though it is backyard wrestling, still a pretty good match and will show you what to expect at TLC. Anyway, I think that this match is getting overshadowed by the other matches on the card. Now this match has had good bulid up, but again, as good as the Undertaker is, you have to admit, all of his feuds recently have been the same. Him getting his ass handed to him and eventually scaring the crap out of his opponents. This should be a pretty good match though as these two always put on classic matches. In the end, Mysterio will cost Batista somehow setting up Batista v. Mysterio v. Taker at the Royal Rumble

Winner: The Undertaker

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match
WWE Unified Tag Team Championships
Chris Jericho and The Big Show(c) v.D-Generation X

Usually, when there is a TLC match, I am very excited, but for some reason, this match isnt all that exciting. Maybe because the Big Show is in the match. The match has had surprisingly very good bulid up, but hopefully this match will meet expectations. If you are worried about the Big Show, don't worry. I see him being booked like Mark Henry was booked in the Money in the Bank match. In the end, I see DX winning. This makes Jericho actually look like hes a SD! superstar instead of a Raw guy. Also as much as I hate HHH and the new DX in general, DX will appear on both brands which is a plus.

Winners: DX

Thank you for reading my first article, dont forget to check out my youtube page and check out that XRDW Steel Chair match.


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