Getting Rid of The B(C)S

Tucker WarnerContributor IDecember 13, 2009

Alabama-Georgia Tech. Texas-Boise State. Cincinnati-Florida. TCU-Oregon. Those would be the playoff college football games this year, in a perfect world without the BCS. Who would not watch every single game of this playoff?

And yet, despite the constant defenses of the BCS and their supporters, I haven't heard a good argument explaining why this shouldn't happen. I'll leave out the possible illegality for now. Here are the most common B(C)S defenses.

"The bowl tradition should continue!" Don't worry purists, I completely agree. The great classic bowls are what make college football one of the greatest things in America. So in this system, the Pac-10 and Big Ten champions will play each other in the round-of-eight Rose Bowl match-up, which will take place in Pasadena, unless one of those teams doesn't qualify, like Ohio State this year. In that case, the team is replaced with an at-large.

"But those at-large teams play such weak schedules!" Well, I can't argue against that without getting into a deep theological conversation, but that doesn't matter. On a related topic, how strong do you consider the recent "Let's not play any strong conference opponents or even semi-decent non-conference teams" schedules of a few conference powers? On another related topic, only two of the above teams (who are the actual BCS Top Eight) have beaten another Top-Eight team. One is Alabama. The other is Boise State.

And if that isn't enough to consider, there's another statistic to look at. Only four non-BCS teams have ever made it to a BCS bowl. They were all undefeated. Three of them won. Utah beat Alabama last year, and Pittsburgh in 2004. Boise State beat Oklahoma in 2007. Only Hawaii, in 2008, lost to Georgia. Wanna know what conference has the best winning percentage in BCS Bowls? SEC? Pac-10? Big 12? Answer: The Mountain West.

"But if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" I completely disagree, but that's another story. Even if that were true, the BCS is broken. Does anyone still believe that the BCS [ahem] "National Champion" is absolutely, indisputably, the best team in the nation? Just look at last year, where Florida beat Oklahoma. How could anyone possibly say that Texas, Ohio State, USC, Penn State, and especially Utah did not deserve a shot at the title? I think there's two reasons the BCS does just that, assumptions, and conference prestige.

The BCS hasn't had a team in their national championship that wasn't ranked in the preseason Top 10 since 2003. They just assume these top teams are always going to be good. It's why USC was still ranked during the late stages of this year despite having more losses than any other ranked team. There are plenty of other elite undefeated or one-loss teams. Those championship teams haven't proven themselves just because they were ranked high at the beginning of the year.

And the conference issue is just ridiculous. The BCS still believes the Big Ten is the nation's best conference, the Pac-10 only has one good team, the Mountain West is useless, and the Big East is awful. Newsflash, BCS: the Big East was better than the Big 12 this year! Even though I'm a Big East guy, this is not a biased statement. It's true. The Big East has three Top-25 teams, compared to the Big 12's two. The Big East also has three other teams close to cracking that Top 25. After Nebraska, who is good in the Big 12? Missouri? Texas Tech? 7-5, Oklahoma? I don't think so. But since the Big 12 has always been much better than the Big East, Texas is in the national championship.

The good part is, my words won't matter soon. After the public university of his home state got screwed out of a national championship game and a few million dollars, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch passed along a measure to Congress, basically saying the BCS violates antitrust laws and is illegal. A few days ago, that bill was passed by the House subcommittee and will now appear on the floor of Congress, to be debated and voted on.

And unless a BCS conference school can vote against it, it looks like the BCS will most likely be declared illegal. So goodbye, BCS, but I can't say I'm sorry to see you go.