"Leafs"- Watch First Period- In Come From Behind Win.

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent IApril 7, 2017

The Leafs are getting good goal-tending but seem to be content in watching the first period and playing come from behind hockey.

Why the sloppy play from the drop of the first puck is anyone's guess.

They have also got to get better defence, because Tosk can't continuely make the big saves.

If you notice in each game, from the drop of the puck, the Leafs are forced to go into a chase game, and not getting control of the puck until maybe five minutes into the game.

This I am sure also creates the early goals and the stand and watch game.

Since the Leafs seem to be a little weak on the blue line, it is a must, that the forwards come back all the way.

Breaking out of their own end they seem to want to make those: in the air soft fluttery passes, that are picked off in many cases.

Ron and the rest of the coaching staff are doing a great job, but it would be much easier on everyone if the team would play three periods of hockey.

As a team,I do not think they are laying on the body as much as they should, skating away from there check in many cases, where as they could be finishing their check.

It was a great come from behind win for the Leafs, against a high scoring Washingston team, and this all took place after the Leafs started moving there feet.