Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2009

The New York Rangers hosted the Buffalo Sabres tonight.  The Blue shirts Coming off a few days off,  looked well rested. 

For the first ten minutes of the game, the Rangers controlled the puck in the offensive zone.  The line of Brian Boyle , Ales Kotalik  and Artem Anisimov  was the Rangers best line for that period of time, controlling the puck, creating chances , and putting shots on goal.

No goals scored by the Rangers  in the first ten minutes but they looked good,  they were playing physical and controlling the pace of the game.  But on a ROZSIVAL turn over in the defensive zone Derek Roy,  surrounded by four Ranger players knocks the puck in.  Derek Roy is not checked, pushed or even touched. 4 Blue shirts looking down unable to find and clear the puck. 

We seen this before, it is nothing new.  The Rangers for the most part playing physical in the offensive zone, but not when it comes to their own zone and the goal is scored.  Another turn over by ROZSIVAL that leads to a goal is nothing new either.

But the Rangers redeem themselves as they get a power play.  Ryan Callahan playing in the slot gets the pass from Gaborik, Buffalos goalie Ryan Miller never had a chance as Cally  bangs in the goal. Cally was playing exactly where he is effective.  In the slot,  in front of the net letting Gabby and Prospal control the puck.  Also the Rangers had Ales Kotalik playing high post, giving the Sabres another player to worry about which was the reason Cally was wide open  up front.

The Rangers go back to back on the power play and this time it is non other then Marion Gaborik, with his fast wrister beats Miller for the 2nd power play goal in the first period.Giving the Rangers a 2-1 lead at home. But 2 minutes later buffalo ties the game up as Patrick Kaleta  gets his first of the night.

Second period started off slow, and the Rngers go on the power play mid way through the second, and on a Patrick Kaleta  break away, he beat Lundqvist high glove side and picks up the short handed goal, giving Buffalo the lead 3-2!

It seems that teams have found a weakness in Hanks goaltending.  As of late, everyone is shot high on him, and some have resulted in goals. Something we will have to keep an eye on as the season goes on.

Erik Christensen played  an amazing 2:53 seconds in the first period. This is so retarded. Even the announcers touch base on this. He is signed and brought in an attempt to help out with the Rangers offense. Give the guy a chance to play, And a total of 4:03  come the end of the second is not a chance to do anthing but exercise your legs.

The second period was all Buffalo as the physical presence was gone from the Rangers and  although they managed to get 13 shots on goal, non of the chances was a high quality threat.

The Rangers have Brandon Dubinsky practicing daily and he might return to the line up come Monday.  When he returns it will not be any different. Where is he gonna play.  Once again Tortorella will be changing the lines. Nothing new. 

Defenseman Ilkka Heikkinen played a total of 7:14. He has not made any difference so far in the line up and his minimal ice time will not allow him to be a factor. 

Buffalo went on the defense in the third period and the Rangers could not find a away to brake through and tie the game.  The Rangers efforts were there  but came away with nothing. 

The Rangers with 5 minutes left in the 3rd get a power play, and instead of putting Kotalik on with Gabby, which has worked twice already,  Tort put Drury on point. Kotalk had at least five decent shot on the power play and Tort goes with Drury who can not even reach the net from there.  Just  another dumb move by Tortorella as the Rangers do not even get a shot on goal. Then again what else is new!  Buffalo wins  3-2

The Rangers had 7 shots on goal in the 3rd period.  Although Buffalo did a great job defensively , 7 shots on goal when you are losing is not good enough.  Again in another game Heikkinen plays 8 minutes and Christensen plays 6 minutes. 

Was Matt Gilroy’s absences a factor, I think so. The Rangers have score 2 pp goals but in the 3rd when they had the power play, Gilroy’s presence would have made a difference. When you have 6 defenseman and 2 of them are totally uses, Rosy being one of them,playing 21 minutes, Redden being the other and playing 17 minutes,  Staal and Girardi posing no threat what so ever in scoring a goal , Gilroy makes all the difference in the world. Does Buffalo get the short handed goal with Gilroy’s speed on the ice. Whose to say. But in stead of Kotalik being on that side it might have been Gilroy. if that is the case the short handed goal will not happen and now you have a different game.

Another big loss against a team that has played 3 games in four days.  Can this Ranger team do anything right this year?