Kofi Kingston Doesn't Deserve To Defeat Randy Orton at TLC

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIDecember 12, 2009

…no he doesn't.

Kofi Kingston, the exciting, entertaining, and thrilling blue-chipper who has been pushed beyond his limit is now on the verge of obtaining a victory for which he doesn’t deserve.

Why shouldn’t Kofi Kingston be able to pick up a victory over Randy Orton at TLC ?

Simply put, he doesn't deserve it.

I see no need to belabor the obvious so I felt as though I should just come out and say it.

I don't like Kofi Kingston, not one bit.

Not because he isn't an amazing performer, his is.

Not because he isn't a nice guy as I've met him, and he is.

But because no matter how much the hungry WWE Universe wants to embrace something "new", that to me is no excuse to reward Superstars who haven’t paid their dues.

It might seem harsh but simply being an extremely talented mid-card performer for about a year and a half is NOT enough to warrant what the WWE's creative staff is considering right now.

You have to analyze it and you have to be fair.

Randy Orton has been the top heel in the company for over two years. I'm aware that some people might disagree but in this regard, they're mistaken.

Nobody has main-evented more PPV's, been a part of more high-profile rivalries, or defeated as many top-name Superstars as Randy Orton.

He has carried the heel side of the company for years and is the undisputed leader of the other half that makes Sports Entertainment special.

No, heels aren't chastised by the public but they are certainly not buttered up the same way the amazing faces of the company are.

If John Cena has been the "it" guy of this generation, Randy Orton has been the yang.

For Kofi Kingston to defeat Randy Orton in one on one competition is to essentially credit him with being on Orton's level.

And I assure you, he is not.

The Kingston supporters might not want to hear it (and I honestly mean no disrespect), but just because Kofi is talented in the ring and likable outside of it is not a reason to elevate him to the top of the industry.

No, he's not going to become WWE Champion but to defeat the industries top performer in clean fashion essentially places you on that level.

Not legitimately mind you, but it places him in elite company.

Elite company for which he doesn't belong.

What make's Kofi Kingston special?

He is a great performer, his entrance music is addictive, and he works the crowd up into a frenzy.

But there is so much more to being a WWE Superstar than just that, if that was all it took, we'd see TNA talent main-eventing Wrestlemanias.

Sorry AJ Styles, it’s not going to happen.

What is Kofi Kingston's personality?

That he refuses to be pushed around?

That he's willing to stand up for himself and take the big bad bully down?

That's nice, really.

But that isn't exactly a revolutionary concept, at all.

I do believe that Kofi Kingston has the potential to improve and perhaps one day elevate himself to a higher level.

But a talented performer in the ring wrestling in front of thousands of people who spiked their coffee with "flavor of the month" is NOT enough to place you at a Hall of Fame level.

And that is exactly where Randy Orton is at.