Don't Read This Golf Article: It's Actually About the Game!

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Don't Read This Golf Article: It's Actually About the Game!
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There are not many hard and fast rules when it comes to golf.

This is such a fickle game.

On days I feel great, I can just as easily shit the bed as I can play well.

On days when my hands are swollen and my head hurts, I can often still play great. I've quit trying to figure out this nonsense (not really).

Anyway, there are some things, however meager they seem, that tend to be as close to "givens" as you're likely to find in golf. Here are a few:

1. With putting, speed is generally more important than line.

2. If in doubt (between clubs), take more.

3. On par three's, the middle of the green is the target (good enough for Jack, good enough for me).

4. Accuracy over distance.

5. It's easier to turn a bogey into double or triple than it is to make bogey.

6. When it comes to greenside bunkers, out is good.

7. Putts that don't make it to the hole will never go in.

8. Approximately 60-70 percent of your total shots per round are from 100 yards and in.

9. Focus on the shot you WANT to hit.

10. To make a good putt, you must hit a good putt.

What? And no mention of "him?"

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