Two Teams Backed In a Corner!Oakland Raiders Vs Washington Redskins

Randy LavelleCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2009

PITTSBURGH - DECEMBER 06:  Louis Murphy #18 of the Oakland Raiders celebrates a fourth quarter touchdown while playing the Pittsburgh Steelers on December 6, 2009 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Oakland won the game 27-24.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Oakland Raiders have new confidence coming home playing the Washington Redskins after a win against the former super bowl champs,but one thing they haven't done yet this year is win two in a row.

Cable wants to get this team believing they can do just that by posting signs saying "Back-to-back wins set Raiders on path to future success! If you believe it, it will happen".

"If you can win this one, it'll give you a chance to win a third in a row and start to build, and that's what the focus is really on," Cable said. "Stay the course and do the things you do every week to prepare, and eliminate distractions and then go out on Sunday and put forth a great effort."


Washington is coming off a tough loss against a very explosive team,the New Orleans Saints.Washington played tough even with the loss of some of there starters.The Skins are in a position similar to the Raiders in having to win to keep there head coach.

Washington,like Oakland,are tired of all the media hounding them and not giving them there fair shake.Dan Synder is much like Al Davis in that they both over pay players,have QB's who play terribly,and are labeled as a dysfunctional team.

The only thing that sheds that label and keep the media off your back is.....Winning!

Washington has only won 3 games all year.Those wins came against the Rams,Buccaneers,and the Broncos.They have had a similar schedule as ours,but in the off season,signed some big name players such as Albert Haynesworth and Levi Jones.

The Skins are backed in a corner and so are the Raiders with the only difference is,we have one more win than them.They are on a three game losing streak and we are trying to win two in a row.

There is a lot more confidence since Bruce Gradkowski took over the reins.He has took command of this team and is looking to continue the success for a possible future contract from the Raiders.

The Raiders are preparing one game at a time and it all starts in the preparation.There is no doubt that Bruce will be prepared for this game and the rest of the team is following his lead.

Johnnie lee Higgins gets to start again over the injuried DHB.This is big in that DHB has not been able to be productive all year.I don't wish injuries on anyone,but if it means winning,so be it.

Same could said about JaMarcus Russell.If you can't get it done,let someone who is "hungrier" than you take your spot and show you how it's done.

Washington may have a few key players not playing,but they put up one hell of an effort against the undefeated Saints.

One thing is for sure,That's this game isn't a gimme and Oakland shouldn't look past it,because Washington is backed in a corner worst than us and that makes any team dangerous.

Whether they are playing for pride,to save a coaches job,or to just make a statement,you can bet this will be one good game.

Go Raiders!