"The Leafs" : Where Did The Word " Rebuild" Go?

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent IDecember 12, 2009

Hi Folks, back again after a little break.

I remember not too long ago around Leaf Country the big word was "Rebuild", and at the preasent time I am a little uncomfortable, the word is not used.

Although the Leafs are playing quite well, as a team, there is still a spot or two that could be filled with a more aggressive player (s).

Coach Wilson is quite pleased with the team being five points out of a playoff spot at Christmas time.

Remember it is not that long ago the mention of a playoff spot, was a laugh or a frown.

I have noticed that since they have added Phil Kessel, a great player: a couple of the other players are slacking off.

This type of attitude play I am sure has been notice by Wilson, but it is very easy to fall into that type of mind-set, such was the case with Boston.

I have also notice, since the Leafs are a very fast team, they are being forechecked very quickly.

The Leafs defensive zone coverage must act more quickly and they will not be forced to cough-up the puck so often.

If you are forced into hurrying your play, bad things will happen.

The Leafs understand all of the forechecking issues, when they play this type of game they win,.the puck is 90 feet from your net.