Tiger Woods: Calling It Quits

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Tiger Woods: Calling It Quits
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers in the world, but one scene makes Woods' image bad.

First of all Mr. Tiger Woods gets in a car crash. The media goes after him, trying to find out what happen. Oh, it is just an accidental car crash. I hope Tiger Woods is alright, people might think.

Next, people trying to find out what Tiger Woods was doing around this time of the day. Just going for a ride or to get fresh air? Guess again.

This whole time Tiger Woods has been cheating on his wife, is that called a player?

Here are some of the following text messages:

Tiger: Hey Sexy I can’t come out this week. Something came up family wise (July 20, 3:04 p.m.)

Jaimee: That’s okay I hope everything is fine … would have liked to see you

Tiger: We will make it happen

Jaimee: I drove out for the night to surprise a friend with a present for there birthday (July 26, 11: 22 p.m.)

Tiger: what kind of present your naked body

Jaimee: haha no a watch I slept alone

Tiger: alone with him that is

Jaimee: haha I wish

Jaimee: miss u (Sept. 27, 6:38 p.m.)

Tiger: now that’s hot so who is your new boy toy

Jaimee: no new boy toy … still running dry… been on 2 real dates in the pat 2 months :(

Tiger: I need you

Jaimee: then get your tight ass over here and visit me! I need u

Tiger: I will wear you out soon

Jaimee: how soon? I got a new piercing

Tiger: really. Where

Jaimee: I just sent u a pic of it … is on my cheek below my eye … implanted a little diamond

Tiger: send it again. I didn’t pick up on that

Tiger: you just need some attention from me

Tiger: do you have a boy friend (8:45 p.m.)

Jaimee: I don’t even have someone I am dating … no … u can be my boyfriend ;)

Tiger: then I am

Jaimee: I wish

Tiger: quiet and secretively we will always be together

Is that playing a girl or what?

What I am getting at is that Tiger announced that he is done with golf for a litte bit. I think it is becuase of family problems.

I hope Tiger Woods gets better.

Child Please.

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