O Tyrus Where Art Thou

Aaron KrauseContributor IDecember 11, 2009

The Bulls are off to a 7-13 start in this young NBA season. Rumors are swirling about a head coaching change and the bulls have been blown out in three of the last four games.

What do the bulls need?

A little shot of Tyrus Thomas. (Tyrus is on the injured list with a broken arm) The bulls so desperately need this athletic high flyer to bring some fun back to Chicago. The team now is in a going down like a kamikaze pilot on a mission to take out a ship in the middle of WWII. The team has no offence, no defense, and is showing no signs of improvement over the last ten games.

It has become a tradition on the bulls to sit on the bench as a starter late in a game, and watch the reserves finish out the game to get some game experience. Why you ask? This banged up Bull’s team has no energy or "want to" at this point in the campaign. It would seem that the bulls couldn’t buy a win at this point. John Salmons has not been the SG replacement for Gordon (Gordon signed with the Pistons via free agency) as many thought that he could be. Derrick Rose is still getting his legs back under him after sitting out for most of the preseason with an ankle injury. Luol Deng has brought productivity to the team but has shown no sign of being a guy that can hit a shit when things are going south. Noah is being Noah but can’t carry a-team, as he is a high-end role player. Kirk has been frustrated with a thumb injury that has cost him to miss a lot of time over the last few weeks. The one bright spot that the bulls have seen this year is the emergence of rookie Taj Gibson, averaging 8.2 pnts and 5.7 reb a game making great strides showing that he can be a good NBA player in the future.

When Tyrus returns to the line up he will bring the athleticism and energy the bulls may need to salvage a season.

Tyrus is one of those guys who can change the momentum of a game with one big dunk or block. This is what the Bulls are missing. It has seemed that in the last few games that at the point in the game where the opposing team gains a little momentum the Bulls have no answer on offence or defense to slow the momentum change or change it in their favor. This is purely what Tyrus Thomas does. In his NBA carrier he has always been the guy that can get the team pumped and get some things going that can change a game. Tyrus is a highflying, passionate, energetic lift to the lineup.

When the Bulls got big wins early in the year over the Spurs and the James gang, Tyrus was a key player in getting a great team win. Not many players can change the outcome of the game at both ends of the floor like Tyrus. 

On the offensive end of the floor when a shot goes up apposing players must locate him or he will go up and get a board and dunk it with great emphasis. Tyrus also has shown signs of a developing transition jump shot from 15ft. 

On the defensive side of the ball he makes it a lot harder for apposing guards and forwards to get into the lane, as they know that Tyrus is in the paint waiting to make a huge block that will bring that fans to their feet. Ty also can go up and get a huge board in a key moment of the game.  Tyrus will make a return in a few weeks as his broken arm is still healing. 

The question is can the bulls hang on long enough to get that shot of Tyrus that they so desperately need. Or when he returns will the club have all ready packed it in looking to one of the biggest free agency markets in NBA history.